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74 Chap. i r . "fin 8xpofrtion upon the Book,of J O4B. Vert rt, God knew to bevain, and in whom he faw iniquity, yea the bru- tifhneffe of a wilde afíes colt and was about tobreak and tame him by thofe judgements. Zophar fpeaks right in this ofmans na- ture in generali but his centure ofJob , was erroneous. He was not a vain , but a holy man,.neither did God fee wickedneffe, but uprightneffe in him. Grace had changed his nature ; and the fpi- rit in regeneration had blotted out the image of a beat} , and flampt him withthat image , which is after God in righteoufneffe and true holinefs. And as for his affl'idions they were not fent to tame him , but to try him, not to break his head - ftrong fpirit, but to thew that he was already broken, and brought to hand, yea,led by the Spirit ofGod. yerfe i a. He knoweth vain man , hefeethwickedne/¡ee afo , will be not confiderit ? He knoweth. Toknow is fometimes taken for a pure a&`of intuitián or for the difcerning ofperlons and things , what they are. Sometimes it imports an aEt mixt, or made up with the underitanding and af., feaions and then to know takes in both delight and approbati- on, `Pfal. a. 6. The Lardknoweth the way,oftheriihteous, it is the way, which himfelfhath cut and chalked out for them, therefore he cannot but approve it (z Tim.2.19.) The Lordknowethwho are his ; yea heknoweth who are not his too,,but with a knowledge as different as theperlons ; he knows the later and rejeEts them, heknows the former and is pleafed with them, gen. 18. /know L,t r "Ibraham. (faith God) I, ther's aman , I know what an one he t1CÜ ,4 orta7. van1- is, he is a good man , and he is one I have in my heart todo him sairr,i.e. vani- good. The Lordalto knoweth vain man : there is nothing ofvain aetem morta man hidden fromGod, though there is nothing ofvain man, lo- rum. veil or approved byGod. He knowethvainman , or menofvani- ty, fo the Hebrew. We put it into anepithite, vain man. Vain man: v.tuà That is, Inconfiderate, rath, heady,, hafly man. With all 2,repri fgnifi.. thefe fences: the original) word is filled. When men go head long, satprdcipitan andwithout heed upon bufineiies,.when they move without flea- giant E tame- dineffe of fpirit, or an inward ballá} to keep their thoughts in a aiaatera due and equal) poife, they are vain men.. The Law faith (Exod,2e. 'v..7.) Thonfhait not taks the Name- of the ,ford thy God invain (it