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ii 84 Chap. a D. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Vert. r2. meafure, preffed down , and (hakes together , and running over to give into your bofome. The heart 'o£man at the bell ofna- ture , is but like a childes, pocket full of flones and balls and ba- bles. How empty is that heart which is thus filled ? Theunder- ilandingofman which bath not one holy fentence written in ir, is yet written all over with unholy fenterces, his judgement and confcience are defiled and flie-blown with falfe principies., with lies and errours , and if there be any truth there, it is about fuch things as make him little the wifer, and never awhit the better. -Vain man is empty man, unlefle to be full of vain things, or a ful- nelle ofevil things (which are worfe theneuptinefs) may go for fulnef e. Would be wife. There is an elegant `Páranomaafia in the Hebrew, which our lan- irir vanas or- guage doth not admit : but the litteral fenfe runs thus, Vain man dabitur , vel would have a heart. This gives usa further evidence , what this cordatus effi- vain man is ; he is a man without a heart. Ephraim was a filly siatur. Dove without an heart (Hof.7. t r.) without judgement to know, and without courage to doe the will ofGod: here, vain man would have a heart. He would be wife if he knew how. The heart is the fear of wifdome , therefore we render it well , Vain Coreft feltsfa- manwòuld be wife. Mr. Broughton thus, Vainman would be made piemia 'undo hearty: And the Vulgar , Vain man is raifedup topride , or as our pro fapientia Proverb (peaks, Takes heart agra. As the heart is the throne of vanut in ponnur, knowledge, fo knowledge (unleffe fanilified) is ufually a fiep fuperbiam eri- to-pride ; Bare knowledge is windy , it,puffeth up (r Cor. S. a. ) Bitter. Vulg., They who are not edified by knowledge,are elated by knowledge. We have caufe tobe humbled, becaufe we know fo little , and if , we once knowmuch , it is alwaies a temptation to, often a caufe ofpride. sz_manto fupi. But:to our reading , Vainman would be wife, he would have a diorafuns bru- heart. Naturalifts obferve, That, thofe créatures which have the , to tanto erg- the thickeft and groffeft hearts in bulk, are the -mofl flupid and forepollenttor- uningenious. But co, have a great heart in a moral fenfe , noteth de. Plin. g reatei wifdome noblel ingenuity, and ( in Scripture language) Cordate nihil altud oli,guam purefl holineffe , Prova g. 32. He that heareth reproofgetteth un- ingeniofrim,fa- derflanding, fo we tranflate ; The Hebrew is, He that heareth re- pientem nsagnt- proofpoffefethaheart, or, gettetha heart. Aman that will not be gue ronfilii vi- rum evadsre, reproved, his heart as well as his ear ; have but a patient car