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94 Chap.'s. An Expof tion upon the Book of J O B: Verf.2o. Obferve hence, That the number oftheyearsof mans life h a fecret which noire knotrs but God himfelf: And as it is fo, fo 'it is belt for man that it fhould be fo. The certain knowledge when our lives thould end, would hinder us in many duties and Cervices of our lives. Men would be at a (land in their wordly callings, if they wereacquainted with the precife date of their handing in the world. Our not knowing this, isnot ignorance, but nefcience ; and were it not for this nefcience, we thould be taken off from the fludy of much profitable knowledge. Be- fides, our not knowing thenumber of our days, flits up in us a care of improving every day, and to pray with David, Lordteach us to number our days. Our not knowing which day (hall be our lah, thould provoke us to fpend every day fo, that we may have comfort if it prove our lalt. It is belt for us not to know that, the not knowing whereof is a motive to be always doing good. Secondly, Obferve, That it it a great vexation to the Gppreffor, or wicked man, -to thinkof the uncertaintyofhis own life : The Vulgar niai:z this 17umertrcanno- 'Obfervation from the Text; his Tranflation of the Text, 174 rum incerrur years of his Tyrannical power are uncertain. If fuc could eßtyrannidio but live long enough, what work would they makv ? Yea, elm. Vulg. what a world would they make ? The Jefuits fay, ?lake time ili.ibinceni" andyou ma do any thing So alto faith the Oppreffor, IfI had rudine,fquitar but time enou h, Icould d any thing though I am dilpappoint- ,fufpicio & ti. g + y > $ mar. Aquin. ed now, yet I (hall have a day to atf'what I project, and to in lac. pour out my revenges. But this cuts the Oppreffors heart, he Cumaitnume. doubts his life may end before he can accomplifh his ends. A tam onnorum wicked heart is not more leafed in doing evil, than troubled abjcoaditum P es-e, inrolligit when he is but under a fufpition that he than want either op- enrol quibus portunityor time to do it, This is added to thepainful travel viEluruc, aut of a wicked man, that he knouts not how long he (hail tra r PY ty t vel in this pain ; for though all his be painful days, yet he rannur. Druf, had rather continue in pain, thannot continue his days: But the number of years is hidden, or a hidden thing tohim. J OB,