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Chap.t5. Att Expofatioáz upon the Book of J.O B. ó/erf:231., S JOB, CHAP. a5. Verf. 21,22. A dreadfulfound is in his ears, inprofeerity the defirojer(hall come upon bim. Ile lelieveth not that he 1h41 return out of dart nefr, and be is- waited for of thefword. l iphaz having laid down this Póftion, That pain is the Lf portion of a snicked man, goes on to the proof, and illu ftrationof it ; firft , in reference to the terrors of his con- fcience ; and fecondly, in reference to the troublefomenefs of his outward (late, and the fad changes that are incident to him. That a wicked man travels with inward pain, or terror ofconfcience ; the firti words of this Context tell us, Vert. 21.. A dreadful.found is inhis ear. The,Hebrew is, A voice of dreads the word is Plural, be. t71 caufe not one fingle terror, but a multitude of terrors, an st n`' Arm of terrors incamp about the f irit of a wicked man: rum,rnu Y P P rum, Humerus and thefe charge him without intermill on ; as foon as one multicudints hath done, another draws upagainft him. {ignrficrtionem And he faith, A found of terror, becaufe a found carries anger, fears with it ; Fear is a perturbation ofthe mind, arifingfrom an n mxve t apprehenflen of approaching evil: Now, by howmuch the non unius , fed nearer evil draweth to us, by fo much loth fear increafe up- multiplicis on us ; -and then an evil maybe faid to be very near us, when terrorir.Merr, we hear the found of it. We quickly fee and feel anEnemy, when once he is come withinour hearing. When the Kingof Ifrael tent a Mefíenger to take off the headof Elifha, Shut the door (faith Elifha)andholdhimfait at the door, is not thefound ofhis Mattersfeet behind him (2.Ki6.32.)that is, is not his Ma- fier neer;and whenEliab Caw the rain at hand,he thus befpeaks King Ahab, Get thee up, eat anddrink, for there isa foundof a bundance of rain (i Kings 18,4t..) So here , The found of terrour, notes the fpeedy approach of it ; the Prophet (7er. 4.a9.) complains lamentably, My belly, my belly,' ampainedat my very heart, my bears maker a noife within me (and why all this ?) beeaufe:box bait .beard, 0myfool- foutadoftote tram pet,,