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96 Chap. 15. An ExpofLion upon the Book'vf J O B. Verfìz$, pet, andthe Alarum of War,; that is, becaùfe now it appears that the enemy is at hand. Whenonce we hear the found of the Trumpet, War is not far off, yea, it is even at the door, and death is ready to climb up at our windows. ` Ufually the ear reeeives the firsi blow ; we firtl hear, and then feel the 'Sword. When Eliphaz faith, A dreadfulfound is in his ear, we may underfiand it two ways ; either first, that a wicked man hear- ing the fad reports of approaching evil, is greatly troubled; orfecondly, that a wicked man frames to himfelf an imagi- nary foundof evil. His fancy makes a noire, he thinks he hears the found ofDrums and Trumpets, theclattering of Ar- mour, and the clathing of drawn Swords : he hears (as the Prophet Nahum elegantly defcribes it) the noife of the whip, and the noife of the ratlingof the Wheels, and of the pranfing ,Horfes, and of thejumpingGhariots, Now whether we under°. Rand it of theapproach ofreal dangers,ihe found ofwhich are a terror to him ; or whether we take it for thofe fantaflick, pannick fears, andSatanical delutions, both or either ofthem .render his life uncomfortable, and are the effects ofan unquiet, or of a guilty confcience. Hence obrerve, Awicked man ú always fubjefft tofear : be that is a fervant to fin, cannot but he a [lave tofear : And he that bath dont much evil, fufpecis much. 'While we have Peace within, War without doth not much trouble, though it much afflift us. And while our hearts, toucht by the fpirit of God makeus mufick, a found of ter- ror to the ear is not terrible. It is laid of a godly man (Pfal, 112. 11.) No evil tidings fhatl tmpirol Canton make himfear (though there be a dreadful found in his ear, metuit, Pant" a found of 'danger, yet) lois heart is fixed , truffing in the turnnocu:t. Lord: Awicked man is terrified with conceited danger; a godly man is not afraid when there is real danger. A godly man hash a witnefs for him in himfelf, a wicked man car- ries a witnefs againfr him in hicàtfelf; and this witnefs is Nemofe,ludice an his Judge to condemn him,:.yea, his Executioner to tor- . abfol- traent and vex him ; as faon . as bur firft Parents had ''fumed, vitur. (Gen.3.8.) They heard the voyce ofthe LordGodwalking in the garden, in the cool of the Ail, and Actant and hiswife hid them- (elves