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r oo Chap.1 5., din Expofizion upon the Boo)Zof J D'B Vei'f2 ì. when we dowell : Now as a wicked mans confcience isal- ways morally evil, becaufe llained, and polluted with fin s many times his confcience is naturally evil too`; that is;it will neither take notice; of, nor check himu for his fin. When the` wickedmans confcience is in this evil flare, he thinks this (fate` .. good enough ; and fo he is at quiet. Cafuifis tell us of four forts of evil confcie.nces , all which' may live out of the hearingof thefe dreadful founds. Firfi,-A blind ignorant confcience that cannot dirce`rn be= twéen moral good and evil.; SecondlyA fecuse confcience, which thinksnot ofany pe= nal evil. Thirdly, A dull lazy, fleepy confcience,whichbath little or no fence, either of what is done or (offered. Fourthly , A feared confcience, which is altogether fence; Icfs. A confcience thus difablcd to perform its work, being ei- ther blind?, fecure, fleepy , or feared, is tame and quiet with the.worfl of men. But all this while , though this wicked I man hath fore cafe ,_ yet he hath no peace . ;. his .confcience while feared , is far enough from being fetled ; his confcience while asleep is far enough from refs. It is with fuch , as with Come lick men,ask.them how they do,they will fay,Very well, ' when as indeed they are fo lick , that they know -not how they are ; they take death it fell- for health, and their notfee 'ii.gofpain for the curing of their Difeafe. = 1 § -= But when the confcience of .a wicked man. isonce enlrglF ned, foftned, and awakened, he .cannot but have thefe dread- ful founds., which will neither give nor let him receive any refl. Confcience will awake at -lag, and fpeak terrible things, confcience will be a'ßoanerges;, a terrible Preacher;thundring' out,.notonly a chiding.-reproof;; buta fentence of condem- nation, and then the wicked will even gnafh their teeth, be caufe confcience did,no fooner ufe its teeth , they will gnaw their tongues for forrow,,;,becaufe confcience had no>tongue, to (peak, or they noears, tobeat what it fpake till it was' too late`: i4 dreadful fund is in bit kir eare. In'profperitfthe deffroyer hall come upcin ini 1 2 No The Hebrew is)Inpeace the defirayer.(hallcame uponhim:Peace is aw,