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I2 Chap 15. An expofition upon the Book of J O B. Fitt}, The battei of inward temptation. Secondly, The battei of outward affliction. We are no match for either, unlefs Chrift be our Second. Satan path defired (faith Chrift to Peter) to winnow thee as wheat (hoping to find or make thee chaff) But 1 haveprayed that thy faith fail not.' Peter fell into temptation; yea, he fell in the temptation , yet becaufe Chrift undertook for him, the temptation could not prevail againft him. And as there is no conqueft over Satans temptation , but by the ftrength of Chrift ;, fo none over affliction (which is Gods temptation) but by the ftrength of Chrift (i Cot, io. i3.) There bath no temptation (that is, noaflíic`,tion) taken you, but what it cemmon to man (yet no man can (land under' that alone, which may befal any man, therefore it follows) But God isfaithfnl,t ho will notfufferyou to be tempted above thatyon are able, &c. Man alone is not fufficient, fo much as to think one good thought, how then (hall he think good thoughts snow alone, either to fcat ter aE,temptation, or to bear an af- fliction ? to carry the foul out in fuch a conflict, requires more than onegood thought, yea, more than many good thoughts, it,requires good aûings ; yea, and fufferings too ; how {hall he do this without the ftrength ofChrift ? Nowonder then if the Idler of thefe, yea the leadof the leffer, the leaft ofliótion prevail againft a wicked man ; and if while he runs with Footmen, they weary him, how thall he contend with Hones, with trouble and angui(h (hall not thefe prevail againft him, asa King ready to battel ?, Which is the illuftration of the wicked corns downfal Trouble and anguifh prevail againfi him But how ? Not a little, not with ftrength onely enough to turn the fcaleofthe conflidt, . but mightily, even with much (pare, Asa King ready to the battel. There are four Interpretations for the making out of this fimilitude ; fome place it between a wicked mans trouble and anguith, and the trouble and anguith of a King ready to }oyn battel with a potent [ dverfary : For, then his fpirit is much troubled, knowing how great an adventure he makes, in reference to his cats, and how great a hazard he runs, in reference to his life and pexfon. Thecharge being fometimes given VerC2}.