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126 Chap.15. An Expofttion upon the Boole, of J® B. Verf25 , againft God, by aling fins ofviolence, and by afing violent- ly in many fins. The outward members, efpecially the }sand and tongue, are made the weapons of unrighteoufnefs, bo,h againft God and man. Theod.l,?, The ChurchHillorian reports of Julian the //plate, that cap.:o, Ni- when he was wounded in the bagel againft the Parthians, he eeph,l. to. took of his blood, and threw it up to Heaven, he llretched cape 3S' out his hand againfi God, laying, in derilon of Chrift 0Ga- Amalaehit. $ > , tfraeliras in lilean, thou haft overcome : This outward gefiure of his body, ExittrdeEgjp, expreffed the fecret indignation of his mind. And it is ob- to ye/ oblof ferved by 7erom, who faith, he received itfrom the Tradition tudinervvel of the- Jews, that the Amatekites, who were profcffed Enemies ob legalem im t0 the Jews, munditiemex- J , did lieupon the watch, to take all advantages tra cofia de- againft them , in their march from Egypt to Canaan, and genres Decide- when at anytime they turned afide out of the way, either be- runt & "'um caufeof legal uncleannefs, or upon any natural necefliry, they aampuutaam en m would fall upon them and flay them; which being done , they fubfannationem cut off that member which had the Seal of the Covenant Doi projece (Circumcifion) upon it, and with their hands flretched out, iuntMtalum threw it up towards Heaven, as if they would challenge God himfeif to revenge their blafphemy ofhim, and the con- tempt of that Sacred Inftitution. Secondly, The hand is taken improperly, or Metaphori- cally ; fo, the power of man is his hand, the ftrength of his whole body, hate and mind, may be called his hand ; his riches are his hand, his credit is his hand, his.wit '3tnd parts, Learning and Eloquence, are his hand, as there is a power in all thefe. And when it is Paid here, Heftretcbed forth his band againft God, we may underfland it in that latitude for a wicked man improves the flrength of his body, the power of his Eltate,, his Credit, his Wit, all his Accommodations in the way of Rebellion againft God. A man is laid to stretch Errendere ma- out himfeif, when hedoth his utmoft to attain his end, and nu; o oinnem make- the molt of himfeif to any purpofe : In fuch cafes he alhìbetecon2 firetcheth all that he is (as we fay) upon the Tenters ; and turn adpercra this all of his put together, is his hand flretched out againft tiendum hole God out aggred Further; -7'o retch out the hand imports four thins : liud aggredi- fi r P g ondum, Firli,. To do a thing with the utmoii intention of mind, and