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Chap.i5. An Expofttion<upon the Bookof 3 OB, Vetf.25. 127 and 'body, to do with all our might and fulleft refolution. Jcfhua being refolved to bring total deffrudìon upon the men of ai, Drew not his handbackwherewitb he firetched out his fpear, till he utterly deJtroyed all the inhabitants of Ai (Jo.(h. 8, 26.) The firetching forth of his hand was emblematical, fpcaking, or implying that his fpirit was kept up to the height ofrefolutionfor the ruine of that í_ ity and peop'.e. When the Scripture (peaks of God, acing towards min, either in a way of judgement or mercy, this phrafe is often ufed (Exod. 6. 6.) Wherefore fay to the children of Ifrael, Iam the Lord,and I will bring you outfrom under the burthens of the Egyptians, andI will ridyou out of their bondage, and I will re. deemyou with an out firetchedarm.(Exod,14.8.) The children of Ifrael went out with an high hand; and at the fixth Verfe of the fame Chapter, the Lord bid Mofes, Stretch his handover the Sea ; to thew that he was purpofed towork á miracle, for the deliveranceof his people, The Prophets are frequent in this language (Ifa. 5,25.1 Therefore is the angerof the Lord kindled againft his people, and he bath ftretcked forth his hand againft them. Read Chap.9. Verfe 12,17 ,21. 4 Jer, 5 t. 25. Ezek 14. 13. Chap. 15.7. In all thefe places,when the Lord went with full purpofe to punifh, he is faid, To (retch out his band. Now as when God llretcheth out his hand again({ man, it thews his refolvednefs to (mite, fo when man firetch- eth out his hand againft God, it thews his refolvednefs to fin, or his af,}ual firming with full intention and firength of fpirit.: Secondly, Mansfiretching out his hand, (peaks the confidence Etotendere moll of a man, that he (hall carry all before him, and win the day ; num eflhabi- it is ufual with Contenders, efpecially with Souldiers, before tus confideneta they joyn battei, to firetch. their hands out , to draw and f,N eonfidenei3 brandith their Swords, in token bothof their courage to fight, v rfqueollen. and of their confidence to prevail. Obtlinate (inners are fulldentii; of falte hopes that they (hall obtain what they defign, and profper in their projeós of wickednefs ; and therefore they are faid to firetch out the hand againft God. Thirdly, Stretching out the hand, is a poflure of pride and ßnima in impudence ; pride is written upon a ((retched out hand. To manu úuerói, fin prefumptuoufly, is in the Original to fin with a high band, sept P OVUM. 15 30.) The Septuagint rendcr that place, Thefoul. that..