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13o Chap.i 5. an Èzpofition upon the Book,°of J OB. Veril 25. II of his eye. When it was Under the debate in the Council what liquid be done with the Apoftles , Gamaliel advifes Refrain from tbefe men, asidlet them alone,&c. Left haplyye be found to frghtagainft God( Ails 5. 38,39 .) Some pof ably would reply, We fightersagainft God ? We love God ,here is a company of turbulent Fellows called Miles, who difquiet the City, may we not punifh them , but we mull- prefently be judged fighters againft God ? No, faith Gamaliel , you fight againft God, if they and their- of God. Saul was zealous of the Law, and (as he thought) for God ; yet Chrift rebukes him from Heaven, with Saul, Saul, why perfecutefi thou me ? Thou ftretchett forth thy hand a- gainft me, when thou dolt it againil the Saints ; then , there is a ftretching out the hand againft God , not onely by a 1 oy+ fterons oppotition of God, As Pharaoh, Senacharib, andJuli- an did; but by oppofing the ways or word , the Meffengers or Servants of God. Hence Obferve. Pirft, Though every fin be agaiotft God, yet fame fins aremore againft God : We cannot fay that every onewho fins, ftretch- eth out hishand againft God ; there is a difference of fins in . degree; though they axe all in their nature deadly ; there is,* prefumptuous fin, a fin committed with a high hand-, which Bath thefe two things chiefly in it. First, A finning againft clear light. Secondly, A finning with full content and fwindge of will. In that place of Numbers, where this fin is defcribed(Cbap. r5. 30.E There are two other Charmers put upon it: Firlt, it is called , A reproaching the Lord : And fccondly, a defpi- fing ofthe Wordof the Lord , Every, fin is a tranfgreflion ofthe Word of the Lord ; but every fin is not a defpifing of the Word of the Lord ; every fin is difpleafing to God, but every fin is not a reproaching ofGod : Every fin, even the lealt , it , adeparture from God , but Tome fins are full of aó`livity, a. . gainit God. It is conceived, that the prefumptuousfin in the old Tefia anent, is the fame with, or anfwers to, the fin againg the boll Gboff in theNew ; and that which leads to this apprchenfion is, becaufe noSacuifiee was appointed for that under the Law, as