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Chap.' 5. An Expofifionupon the Book of O E. Verf2. 13 r as this is Paid to be unpardonable under the Gofpel. And the Author to the Hebrews is exprefs ( Chap. i o. z6.) If wefin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth , there remaineth no more facrificefor fins, The Gofpel knows but of one Sacrifice for fin , and that but once offered ; they who defpife that, have defpifed all, for there remains no more Sao erifce for fin. God will not fend his Son todie a fecond time for thofe whohave trodden the Sonof God in his death un- der foot; and have counted the blood of the Covenant anun- holy thing. God indeed firetcheth out his hand all theday long, to a gainfaying and rebellious people , that is , to thofe who firetch out their hands againft him in his Law : But he will not firetch out his hand (unlefs to fmiie) to a gainfaying and rebellious people, who (in this fenfe) firetch out their hands again[( him in the Gofpel. Secondly, From the connexionof this Veda with the for - mer: Obferve That Gad proportions the punifhment of man unto his fin ó There is a twofold proportionating ofpunifhment to fin. Fira, In the quality, or mannerof it. Secondly, In the quantity, or degreeof it. The Juftice ofGod is vifible inboth,according to theexiet rules of retaliation : As I have done, fo the Lord hath requi- ted me, Paid Adonibezek (yudg.t.) He was punithed in the fame manner that he had tinned, and fo have many other. But all (hall be punithed in the fame degree that they have tinned. If fin be great, fo [hall the punilhment of it be. When the iniquity of the Amorite was full , he had his fill of wrath. When God himfelf was pr'effed with the fin ofIfrael , as a Cart with Sheaves : thenhe laid on load in judgment. Ifany won- der why the wicked man thould be hurried, troubled , vexed, why he travelleth in pain all his dayes ; he may ceafe to wonder, when he reads , that the wicked man ttretche:th out his hand againftGod. Is it any wonder God thould (hew himfelf an Enemy to them, who prafaice the Enemy again(( him ? Or that they thould be higheft in (offering, whohave been higheft in fin ? The Prophet Amos reproves and com- plains of thofe, who made the Ephah fmall , and the Sheikelgreat ( Chap. S. 5.) That is , who abated the meature , and enhanc S 2 etch