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it 32 Chap i 5. 4nEzpofition upon the Book of JO B. VerC 25. r:ed, orrailed theprice oftheir commodities: But if man make theEphsh, or meafure ofhis fin fmall , God will not make the Shekel of his punifhment great. The wages which the Ju- flice of God pays the finner , (hall not bea peny morethan his finning workhath deferved. Thirdly , In that the flretching out the hand againfl-God, is a fin againft light. Obferve. Thatfins committedagainfí light, leave the Soul in the great- eft darknefs : A fin committed in the darknefs of ignorance, defetves yet to be punithed witharknefs, even with ever- la(ling darknefs; much more thofe fins which are committed, not only in , but againft the light of knowledge. Some (hall perish for want of light; theycannot but perifh who live and die in the abufeof light. Many (hail perish-becaufe they have not firetched forth their hands- according to the light recei- ved, towork for God ; how deeply then thall they perifh, who in the midf of received light, Itretch out their hands to work wickedness againft God Fourthly , Eliphaz defcribes the wicked man ftiretching out his hand ; that is, all thepower which God bath trufted #;fin with, to provoke God with. Hence Obferve. That wicked men abnfe the goodgifts of God, and turn them againti Godhimfelf They ufe'their hand, properly taken a- gainft God ; as alfo their Metaphorical hand, their whole strength againft God ; they Ilretch their authority, their high places,their parts, and wits againfl God ; they form wea- pons out of all the good gifts of God , to fight againft God ; Rich finning is out of meafure finful.The idle Servant was con- demned , who did not employ and improve the one Talent which he had received to his Mailers advantage .; ofhow much forer condemnation (hall they be thought worthy who employ their many Talents to their Mailers lots, and difad- vantage ? Lafily Obferve: Sin ír the greatefi evil. That muff needs ie thegreateff evil whichoppofeth the greatefigood : God is the greateft good,eve- ry fin is againft God, and Tome fins direulyoppofe God, The Apoflle argues the evil of fin , from the oppofition it makes againft