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Chap., 5. An ExpofLien upon the Book of J O B. Verf.25. felt-, but for all others ; the five wife Vi -gins had Oyle in their Lamps , and they had enough for thernfelves, but they had none to fpare, they could not furnifh the five foolifh Vir- gins. But the Lord God Almighty hath [trength and wif- dom for all that come to him , and call upon him : As he is felt- fuñcient, fo he is alf fufl'icient ; his Ocean can quickly fill all our empty Veffels, and his treafury fupply and bear all our charges. This Almighty God, who bath power to do what he pleafeth , who hath all this power inhimfelf, and who bath power enough to give out to all that need , and ask it of him ; this is the iIlmighty, againil whom the wicked man firengthens himfelf. Hence Obferve : Firti, that the heart of man is very bu a to arm againft God As when a people are threatned with an Invation , they then firengthen themfelves , they lay in their Provifions of Warr, and get Forces in a readinefs : even thus doth the heart of man : Man bath three ufuaal ways of frengthening himfelf againft the Almighty. Firfi by carnal pleas and reafonings. He pretends reafon for what he Both, and he firengthens him- felf againft all that God faith , by reafon : he fets up reafon againtt that Law which is the quinteffenceof reafon , and will not be madd but by reafon, fuch as it is, and that is, fuch as he is, amadd one. Thefe reafonings are thefirong holds fpo- kenofby the Apofile ( 2 Cor. 4, 5. ) The weapons ofour war - fare are not carnal , but mighty throughGod to the pulling donne offlrong holds, cafling down imaginations, and every rngh thing, *hat exalteth it (elf againli the knowledge of God : As the wea- pons ofthis warfare are not carnal, but fpiritual, fo the thongholds which thefecati down ,' are not corporeal , but carnal ; they are not made of Stones, and Timber- , of Earth, or Iron, but of the fubtilties , flights, excufes , fubterfuges , and arguingsof flefhly minded men. All which the Apotile wraps up in the latter words calling them imaginations, or ro siocinations, and high things ; that is , fuch things asare fore reed in the high and proud conceits of the creature exalting at feltagainfi th.:bunt and Paving knowledgeofGod : Such as thefe e FtrU, Others dofo, Secondly, great ones do jo,. Thirdly, 135