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Chap.' 5. Eln Expofitionupon the Bookof J OB. Vcrf25, Thirdly, This is the cuflome of the World. Fourthly; If Ifhould not doJo, Ifhould difhanour, yea, and aendo myPelf: Andwhyfhould I refrain what others do, or what -wouldbe my own undoing ? No realen for any of thefe: Thus he ftrengthens himfelfagainftthe Almighty : his reafon (fuch as it is ) will bear him out. Secondly, He firengthens himfelf againft God upon pre- fumptionofmercy from God ; why may not I do thus ? God hath mercy for (inners , why'not forme though j fin ? The Apoftle cautions the Epheftans (Chap. 5.6.) againfl fuch pre- fumptions. Let no man deceiveyou with vain Words ,for becaufe of there things, the wrath of God comes upon the children of difobedience. It is goad to plead mercy to ftrengthen Faith, that fin committed thalibe pardoned ; but woe be to. thofe, who plead mercy to ftrengthen themfelves in the committing of-fin. Thirdly, Others ftrengthen themfelves aga:nft the Almigh- ty withhopes of worldly gain, and they incourage themfèlves in an evil matter , with promifes of good ; 'Wefhall finde all precious fubffance, me (hailfill our houfes with fpoil , calf in thy Lot among us, let us all have one Pule : Thus Solomonperfo- mates the inticements of inners (Prov.1.13,04.) As a gracious heart ftrengthens it feif for God Firft, By the promifes of God. Secondly,By the experiences which himfelf,or others have had of Gods difpenfations. Thirdly, By confidering the nature of God , how gracious, how good, howw_powerful, how faithful he is. Fourthly; By remembring his relations to God ; he is my Father, my King, &c. Shall I not venture to door fuller for him? Now. (I fay ) as a gracious heart ftrengthens it felf for the Lord or ( as the Apofileadvifeth , Ephef. 6. io.) Grow arang in the Lord, and in the power of his might,puttìng on the whole Armour of God: fo a wicked heart ftrengthens it fella- gainft the Lord;or grows ftrong againft theLord,and thepow- er ofhis might ;yea,ofhis Almightinefs, putting on the whole Armour of the Devil , that he may be able to Rand againff all the encounters of the Word , and ofhis own confcience. For as the word of God, and the Gracesof the Spirit 'are the Ar- mour