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Chap.' 5. An Expotitian upon the Book of J,O B. Ver.26. r 1 Taking this fente, there is a different reading ; thus, He runs upon himwith bid neok: We fay, the wicked man runs upon the neck of God ; they fay, A' wicked man runs upon God with his heck ; their meaning is, he runs upon him audaci- Dully and proudly.. The neck lifted up, isa "token of pride, and prefumptuous boldnefs : And to run with the neck , is Currere rata to run with the neck lifted up, or tiretched out , which is eflceiloduroc5' indeed the periphra(is of pride. (Pfal. 7o. 5.) Speak not erefto; umilia with a [tiff neck; that is, with a fpirit unwilling to fubmit rust "":,113 to my Difpenfations. The Prophet Ifaiah complains and ñQQ bá e.Q- threatens (Ifa, 3. 16.) Becaufe the Daughters ofSion are haugh- ihufi ty, andwalk with*etched out necks : That is, becaufe they te(lifie the pride of their hearts, by the gate and pollutes of the body, as much as by the vain attire, and apparel of the body : Therefore the Lord will(mite, &c. The Lord tells Mfes (Exod. 32. 9.)1 bave feen this people, and behold it is et ftiff.necked people : He complains by the Prophet (1fa 484.) I knew that thou art obflinate, andeby.neck is an iron finer, : Stephen the Proto- Martyr, gives a Breviate of all their rebel- lions, ACts 7. and concludes (Verf. 51.) Ye ftiff-necked, &c. The ßiffneck and the proud hard heart are the fame, all the Bible over. Thus the wicked man runneth upon God with his (lid in eref lone that is, his proud daring fpirit. As before, He (tretebed out colhfaflut eq. bit band : (which is more) bis neck againfl God. The nofcirur.Merc. Metaphor is taken either from Souldiers in battel , who to Phew their valour, hold up their heads, and flretch out their bretaphoro necks, running herd to head, and [boulder to [boulder, when milite Portip they come toclote fight, fier. inboflen Or, It is a Metaphor taken from a Bullock senaccuftomed to tmpetum the yoke; who therefore will not fubmit to his neck to bear it. enter Wicked men are called ChildrenofBelial, becaufe theyendure tctyena not the yoke of obedience ; when God would put his yoke procaci Vita ., upon their necks, they lift up their necks, or Tura upon him penes. with their fiffnecks. Hence note, It it pride offpirit which eaufetb man to. oppofe God. The Apo(lle James faith, God refïftetb theproud ( James g,.) which intimates, yea and fpeaks out, that the proud affault God. As the wicked_in his pride pezfesutes the poor (Pfal.1 So.