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.._____-°°------- 2 Chap.i 5. ,. AnExpofitión upon the Book of J O B. Verf,26 .So in his pride he oppofeth God. And as he that loveth God, follows, yea, runs after God to obey him ; fo he that hates` God runs upon him by difobedience. An aó of ignorant difobedience is a going from God; an ad of known difo- ter fuperbiam bedience is a running upon God : Running upon God, is not homo maxim onely finning, but impudent finning. The Angels in Heaven l)eo refilít j cover their faces before God , daring not to behold him : fuer peprrbus <sfump + Humble (inners on Earth, fuch as the poor Publican (Luke Hero fpir , 18.) venture not to lift up their eyes to Heaven , butproud contra Dcu (inners, lift up their necks againfi God. They who care not cerrero dreítur- what God faith to them, cares as little what they do to God : Açuin And they who have no faith in God, feldom have any fear of him ; thefe run upon him with their necks. But I return, to our Tranflition, He runs upon him, even on his neck: That is, on the neckof God,; that is, he fins fiercely and fearléfly : he doth not dare Godat a difiance , or like a Coward, fpeak great words, and vaunt of what he will do when his Adverfary is out of fight and hearing ; but charges on boldly, in his very face. It Paid of the Ram (by whom the Prophet means, alexander the.Great, KingofGreece) That whenhe law the He-goat (that is, Darius King of Perfa) he run upon him: that is, he affaulted him fpeedily and bold- ly, overthrowing his whole efiate, and fo making `,i:nfelf foie Lord of Afia. The whole courfe of his ViEioties are defcri- bed by this word, He ran upon him (Dan, 8.6) And when job would Phew how fiërcely the Lord handled him; hegives it in this language, '1 was at eare,but he bath brokenme afuncler, he bath alfo taken me by the neck, andfhaken me to pieces (Job cum cocén(ur. a 6. 12.) As God in a way of higheft punifhment or chaftife- rem coilun, in- ment, is laid to take a man by the neck , fo man in a way of vadcr. Tigne. highefi finning and rebelling, is faid to takeGod by the neck, or to run upon his neck.: Hethat ventures upon The neck, cares not where he ventures, and he that runs upon the neck ofGod, cares not on whom he ventures. And as in height of love, a friend runs and falls upon the neck ofhis friend : thus jofeph did on his Brethrens necks (Gen, 45. i+) and the Fa- ther of the Prodigal (Luke r5: zo) Kan andfell tspón bra Erns neck 'and kifed him ; So in the heat of wrath, anEnemy runs upon theneck of his Enemy; and wicked men (who are enmity againft God) wouptin-the neckof God. Some