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144 Chap. 15, An Expojtion upon the Bookof J p B. Verf.26. is the Law or Word of. God, and the boffes of this buckler, are the threatnings and curies of the Law. Now, when man fins, notwithfanding the Law, which is the buckler by which God Eaves and proteus his honor and his holinefs, his name and glory, from the wounds which finful man is ready to give him, then man may be Paid to run upon his buckler. And when notwtthfianding the fharp threats, and terrible curts of the Law, which are the thick boffes with which he wounds thofe who tranfgrefs his Law : when, I fay, notwithfianding thefe, man adventures to fin and tranfgrefs the Law, hemay rightly be Paid, 7o run upon the thick boffes of his bucklers. God gave edam a Law ; Of the Tree of know.'edge ofgood and evil thott mayeft not eat : Here was the buckler; and when he added this threat , In the day thou weft thereof thou (halt Purely dye: Here was the bofs. God fent a word to Pharaoh, Let my people go ; this was a buckler. If thou refufe to let them go, Iwill flay tby ftrff born: This was the bols. Adam run up- en the bols of the buckler, Co did Pharaoh, and fo do all wil- ful (inners. .A wicked heart will go on finning, whatfoever God is fpeaking or doing (Ifa 5 7. 17.) 1 was wrath, and [more him, jet he went onfrowardy in the way of bis heart : Neither the wrathof God, nor their own (mart, llopt their progress, though (mitten, yet they went on. Saints fometimesgoon .finning, though God be smiting, they have run upon the .boffes of the buckler, to the wounding both of their fouls, and of their outward comforts ; wicked men will run upon them to the damning of their fouls and bodies. Though they fee, yea, feel the boffes, judgement not onely threatned, but executed, yet on they will, and {like wicked Ahaz) in the time of their afíilïion, finmore againff the Lord. This is the height of lmfuinefs. As it thews the truth and height of holinefs in the Saints, when they will not onely run to God in fair times, when men approve , but in the wort} times , when men oppofe ; when they venture to do their duty up- on the bucklers of men, yea, upon the ,boffes of the buckler, extreamefl danger : So it (hews a like firength and height of wickednefs, when men venture upon the boffes ofthe buckler, upon the point of the naked (word of Gods difpleafure ; they will venture, let it coli what it will, though the Lord let a flaming