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Chap.i An Expofition upon the BáokofJ O B) : Ve1.f.26. 143 Some conceive thisrunnirg upon the neckof God, imports two things. Firf1, 1 hat the wicked man imagines himf,lf,.;as having an equalityof firength with God. Erat perue ge. And fecondly, That he hath authorityabove God, or that 11105 «t Mgt- he is Gods better and Superior. jlraruofs quern Ua im eA(a pa. This latter they ground upon an cuflom among Ma- rum obedierr gißlates, who finding. an offender contumacious, were wont temviderer, to command the Officer to take him by the neck, and drag incotlurninvat him out of the Court, to receive his punifhment. But t (hall dorent (iny not infili upon that Criticifin ; efpecially.confidering the in- torquernt. congruity of it with the next words. Even upon the thickboffes of his buckler. Male(;&ors are never, never permitted to come armed be- 'O fore the Judge to their Arraignments. Indé,)1>' , The word which we tranflate Thick, lignifies all() Fat, be- rude en/froze caufe fat is thick : Hence the Vulgar Latino tranilates, He is rorum ens j in armed with his fat neck: But I pats that. According to our croiem cor reading ( which keeps clofer to the Original)'Eliphaz :de- porum fcuro4 (tribes the ancient and prefent form of Bucklers, which as rum tiro. they are defenfive weapons(fo allo offenlive,and therefore have Mere. adper. not onely bofhes for ornament,but (one efpecially in the centre, veru lumprag or ,middle, with a (harp pike in it) for ufe : For as the whole lìandi modum buckler f cured the body againfi the arrow or Sword of the cumclipeo, in Adverfary, fo if he prelfed near, this high bols or pike of cul edi, the buckler ferved to pierce and wound the adverfary: So rat puom non- that while the wicked man is faid to run upon God, even upon umbo,in uo the ihickboffes of his buckler ; it fhews the highefi valiancy of Brat eufpii quo a wicked man in oppofingGod ; he fights not onely afar off, cs in atz on, but.n ar at hand, and prefleth upon him, though within the fold. reach and dangerof his weapon. Hence obferve, There is no danger can keep a wicked man off from fin : Like the Horfe in this Book (Chap. 39. 22.) He snocketh at fear, and is not afrighted, neither turneth away from the[word; be fwalloweth theground with fiercenefs and rage, hefaith among the Trumpets,Aha,aha: though God have abuckler,man will come uponhim; yea, though God have a bofs upon his buckler to ¡hike andwoundhim, -yet on.he comet, The Buckler of.God is .