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`:Chapirg. An Expof+tfbtitlpbn the poó'ko,fT® B. 4' mine Enemies that opprefs me They are inclofed in their own fat, with their mouth they /peak proudy. Again' Pfal. r 19.70 ) Their heart is as fat as greáfe, but Idelight in thy Law. The Scripture fpeaks thus ,' not as if fatnefs had any moral evil in it, or as if !canners had any moral good in it. Fatnefs doth not difcommend us, nor doth leannefs commend us to God ; yeas a man lean in body , may have the worst fat- nefs, he may be proud , fwoln and puft up in fpirit ; and man fat in body, may hive the belt 'cannel's , much felfemptinefs, and poverty of fpirit. '``Put becaufe they who have abun- danee , and grow fat with the Creature , ate tempted to for- getfulnefs of, and Rebellion againa God ; and becaufe a body overburdened with llefh and fat , renders the minde more in- difpofed to holy and 1piritual activity ; and ufually theywho bellow molt care and coil in pampering their bodies , goe withpïned, ftarved, and Ieart'Souls ;' therefore fatnefs hears ill Hoc:cgppili in Scripture. innuere vide - It isobferved by Plutarch, that the Egyptian Priefis gave e,duma Y gYP g cerdotet Ifiaci their Apis(a Deity which they worfhipped in the form ofan latent dare Oxe)the water ofa Pit;or Wel,not the water ofNu ns to drink, Api&oviquetr the reafon was(uot as f é aflignitabecaufe they thought thole colebantporunt waters were propharid by theCrocodile,for thelEgyptians had ex quodampu that River in high veneration but )' becaufe the waters of exIVilo, quia Niles, were fatuing, nourifhing waters ; therefore their Apis, ey..5 aquapoto whomthey adored as a God , and fromwhom theyexpe led creditur pin continual help, mull-not drink of it, leafl thegròfiaefs of his ß?tedinem car. fiefh fhould" difablé 'him_-from their afiìftance. Fattotpulent fgre singe. m nien'are, in-common experience, unweildy,'fleepy; and (corn- mentum, paratively )'unfit for at`dion. It was a cùftome,. as my Author tarch.Traa reports , anions the ancient Spaniards-andGattles,' to keep a de lisle,&c. cott,f ant Moffitt , 'which ifa Woman (the not being with Gagi antui ChM dé 7 did e1tceed fit The 'ceitnfafs;o =lfë walla=,'=tliefdll tonnefa- under diffraie, and "oft müch'áf her 'rcptrtátion, ,bybaving rambabebant, got fo much of fat äi a` 1efh aboút her : And doubtiefs it;had quamfi mini- fomewhat of difrepute in it, in ?obs-tirne' c1fe Eliphaz (a'man er,qua gravi. Cif eX erien e )-had not given this as a iece of a'-Wicked marìs ca ero nonnc P P capere non pof- defcription. Lie covereth hisface withfatnefs. fat proba ro f ' : r ì ma no cte. 8 ' . nefriiitkii '- cW1voffeltxepon'.lii1ßan%t, s. 1 bona. Alex. Which Matter roughton renders dills , Inc! màketh llàites cb$lex,r.a: l:l U 2 upon