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Chap.' 5; AnExpofition npon the Bookof O B, Verfsß. = 53 The Roman Story tells us of Nero, that perceiving him- fella loft man, by the revolt of fome Provinces, and the gene. ral complaint of the people againfi his infolent Government, he wandred up and down, and crept firlt into a thicket , by and by into a cave wi h Spores his filthy Favorite, and at lati when he heard of the fentence of death given againft him by the Senate, and that their Officers were hailing to attach him, he with a little help of one of his Servants, cut his own Throat. Thirdly, Others interpret thefe words, as noting the wick- ed mans worldlydecay ; He (hall not have a houfe to put his head in : His thong Citics and goodly Palaces, flail go to ruine ; or he (hall be forced to dwell in a ruinous Houle , a Houle ready to fall about his ears, who before lived in celled Houles ; he fiada pulled down other mens Houles, and nowhe dwells in Houles ready to fall down; he impoverifh'd others, and himfelf is turned out among the poor. Hence obfe: ve, That God often makes the punijhment ofman rititable tohit fin: The Lord is known by thejudgement which he executeth,tbe wick- ed irfnared in the zvorkof his own hands (Pfal. 9: i6.) The judgements of God are always juft,and fometimes their juftice is vitible.As the wicked feel them,fo all may fee them,and fay, Righteous art tbou,O Lord. The Prophet defcribes this retalia- tion of Divine judgement (lfa 5. 8,9.) Wo to them that add houle to houfe, and lay field to field, till there be no place (that is, no place for others to dwell in) that they may be placed in the midit ofthe earth : What is the danger of this ? In mineear faith the Lord of Hafts, of a truth, many houfes!hall be defolate, many andfair without inhabitant : Here is defolation, the re- ward of defolation ; and as they took bread from others, and pull'd the cup from their mouths, fo their bread (hall be ta- ken away, and their cup left empty. Thus it follows in the Prophet ( Verfe 10.) Tea ten acres of vineyardfball yieldone bath : A bath was a meafure among the Jews, of liquids, con- taining, as is conceived, about eight Gallons ; fo that whenhe faith Ten acres of vineyardfhallyield one bath, the meaning is, there fhall be a great fcarcity ofWine : An acreof Vine- yard (hould not yield a Gallon of Wine , that's a miferable Vintage. And thefeed ofan bonier jba.11yieldan ephab : An Ho- X mer