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VIA thap.t5. Ä40Ekptifitilit;upoWtht,Bookvf j0-B: ;;Vcif:248. mer wa&a meafure for dry things, containing ten Ephahs So that when it is faid, Thefeedof;Homer fballyield an Ephah, themeaning is, they {hall reap but the tenth part of the feed fown, which is a miferable Harnett, and the highea threat of enfuing Famine. Thus the Lord punned them as they had finned : they timed the poor, and God threatens to flarve them. Hunger never pinches fo terribly , as when it is a punifhment fent at the cry of the hungry, Again (Ifa.33. r.)When thou Jhalt ceafe to deal treacheroufly, then they fball deal treacheroey with thee : when the deceiver is deceived, and the treacherous dealer ruined by treacherous dealing men, then the truth and faithfulnefs of God are emi- nently exalted. And as it is in punilments , fo often in re- wards. Goddoth us good in the fame way wherein we have done good. The Midwives Caved the Males of the Ifraelites ia Egypt, and by this aft ofpity built the houfeof ifrael, which theLord took fo well at their hands, That he built their houfes, co made their boufesflouritb (Ezek, it.2t.)As the deflroyer (hall be defiroyed, fo the builder fhall be built , mercy loves to be exadas, well as judgement. Again, Eliphaz tells us of Cities and Hodes, ready to be- come heaps. Hence note, ThemeflourifbingCities,theIfrongeff liruelures the World, are fubjeti to name. : Art cannot prevent the Decays of -nature, much lefs the Decrees of Divine Jullice, Material jerufalern was threatned, that one (lone fhould not be left upon another,. which Ihould not be caft down ; the event anfwered that pre- Myfiical Babylon is under a more dreadful doom, and the event will in due time anfwer that predidion ; Ba- bylon is ready to become heaps, and one Prone fhall not be left upon another: There is no cement can hold that together, to which God faith, Fall. Eliphaz having ¡hewed the caufe-s of the wicked mans im- pudent oppofition againfl God, and (according to the two lat- ter Expofitions of this Verfe) forne part of his punifhment, proceeds further to ihew his puni(hment. var. 4i;