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Chap,i 5, An Expofition upon the Book of J OB. Ver,29. 157 fort nor the other thrives. if the Lord faith, They(hall not be rich : When he faith fo to the Saints, it is to humble them; but when he faith fo to a wicked man, it is to punilh him He fhill not be rich, that's the lira tiep of his mifery. But fuppofe he get riches, yet he cannot keep them ; The wages which he earns is put into a bag with holes, or pierced" through, all'sgene (Hag r.6.) Carnal men are like leaking vef- tels to the Word of God, they (as the Apolle cautions Be: lievers, Left at any time theyJhould, Het). 2. t.) always let it run out. Now as they let out what they hate heard of the Word of God, fo God lets out what they have got of the World : He makes all the Veffels which hold their earthly fubliance leaky: So it follows, 2, Neitherfball his fubffance. continue. This is hisfecond wo: The word which we render Sub Tri robur, fiance, fignifies alto Power, and Strength; becaufe riches Mr proopiburjipe power and ftrengthen men to do great things ; But how fumitur.Latine thong and fubltantial" foever they are in the opinion of men, cÒPtor poJJìr their time is but fhort;TheyJhall not continue. And this arifeth verrere.mere two ways, : Firtt, From the nature of the things of the world, which Summb nega arc all frail and rnomentany, and though we call them Sub- rutnefiflare fiance, yet indeed they are but a Shadow, there is nocontinu- diu once in them. Secondly, This arifeth from the judgement and curie of God, both upon fuch rich men, and upon their riches ; if the Lord doth not ltop them from getting riches, yet he can fpeak a word, and bla1L all that they have gotten: Hence note, That the moft fubffantial of earthly things are of fmall or no continuance. More particularly, That illgottengoods are not lofting, or long. lived: Sometimes they melt away, and dye in the fame hands that got them; they always dye and melt away in fome of their hands , for whom they were gotten. There is no tack in their citate, in whom there is no Juftice. That which is gatheredby the tut_ righteoufnefs of man, flail be fcattered by the wrath ofGod ", As the little which a righteous man hash is better, fo it is Curer than the great riches of many wicked. Sin makes no pro. vWon .