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156 Chap.i 5 !Bn Expofition upon the Book of j O B. Verf.29, Ex quocungue Wan non e, vqdct ditior. (hall not be rich, though he fweat and toil to be rich, though he. digdeep, into. the ground , and turn every Hone above ground, to find riches, yet he (hall not be rich ; though he cares not whom he makes poor, yea, though himfelf live poorly all his days, thathe may dye rich, yet he Bull not be' rich. Hence obferve, It. it not- in thepower' of man toget riches : A. man, may make it his detign to be rich, but he cannot make himfelf rich. lhlcfer (Dut. 8. t 8.) gives it in charge to the people of If- rael,Theu'halt remember the Lord thyGod,for it is he thatgivetb thee,power toget wealth,&c. Man is very apt to forget the Au- thor, not onely of his fpiritual, but of his temporal good things, and it readier to afcribe his riches to his own get. Ling, than to Gods giving. Temporal good things lie more level to the power of nature and. humane indutiry, than fpi. rituals , yet we can no more attain temporals than fp.iri tuals without the power of God. Chrifi teacheth us, that our care can no more add a peny to our ethic , than a cubit to our jiature. (Muth. 6, 27.) How often have we feen experi- ence felling to this truth ?. Many have endeavoured after, and reach'd at riches, in good and hopeful, in fair and probable ways, yet they. have. not reach'd to riches. Others have (iri- ven for riches in bale and unwarrantable, in unjuft and finful ways, yet they could never get a fiep beyond beggery. The Lord gives them a flop, and faith, Te/ball not-be rich : evil men do not always thrive. Peter, a good man, fithed'all night, but got nothing, till Chrifl bid him put down the net. Some have.caft their Net in all fort of waters, yet could never, catch thegreat fith of worldly wealth. It is the blcfliargof God that makes good :and it is a perm$íïon(tomGod that makes evil. men rich. God-liners t is profitable for all things, having the promife of this life, and of that which is to come, yet every godly man meets npt with the profit of this life ;. ungodlinefs is profitable for nothing., having neither the promife of this life, nor of that which is to come, yet force ungodly. men meet with the profit of this life. Thoughfin- aterr. are never on the thriving hand, yet theyoften thrive intheir way.: And though. Saints are ever on the thriving fide, yet. they; do not - ,always. thrive, in their way.: Neither the one fort,