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Chapas. An Expofitientup'onthe Book of JoB. 'VerC3o. t 61 Fitfl, Inward. Secondly, Outward. Both Metaphorical. By darknefs, Come underhand inward trouble or grief of fpirit, others expound it ofoutward trou- bles and calamities upon his ellate : 'Tis true of both, for he (hall depart neither out of theone nor the other; but rather take it here for outward trouble ; and then , Not to depart our of darknefs, imports abiding mifery,irrecoverable ficknefs,dc- cáys and lo(fes, which (hall never be repaired. Hence Note. Wickedmenfalling into trouble;Jhall not know the mercy of a B.efurrellion out of trouble. Thejuft manfallethfevers times, and rifethagain ( Prov. 24. 16.) The jufl man is fubjeó to take falls of two forts, and both of them Seven rimes ; that is, often. Fir({, He fells into tin. Secondly, He falls into trouble. He rifeth from both thefe falls : He rifeth from the lira by repentance ; he rifeth from the fecond by deliverance. Solo- mon: Text is to be underfiood of this fecond fort of falls, and may therefore be expounded by the _direet words of David, Pfal. 34. t 9.) Many are the afiîtions of the righteous,but the L*d deliveretb them out of them all : The righteous have as . many refurre lionsas falls. But (as Solomon makes the Anti- thetis in theplace fore-cited )the wicked (hallfall into mifchief. Solomon doth not tell us exprefly , what the juil man falls in- to, but he tells us he (hall rife again He tells us exprefly what the wicked man (hall fall into, but he doth not tell us, that he (hall rife again ; nay, he tells us implicitely , that he fhall never rife again. He that rifeth again, did not fall in- to mifchief , how great foever the evil was whichhe fell in- to , and he that dad-it-tot rife again, fell into mifchief, how little foever ' the evil was which he fell into. Nothing makes our falling either into fin, or trouble, a mifchief to us, but our continuing in it. He goes far (we fay inour Proverb ) who never returns ; furely, he fallslow, who never rifeth,and he (hays long indarknefs, who never departs out of it. Dark- nefs is the portion of a wicked man, and he (hall never de- part out of darknefs nether out óf that darknefs of-fin, X nor