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1áZ ,r,7Ftlgilir 5 .14$ iEffjofitiosftPs Ofggolt. 9.f, IO B. .ye43o, nor mifery ; he hath no defire to depart out of theformer, and he hath no promife todepart out of the latter. Thus we have feen the negative puni(hment of a wicked man, what he (hall not be, what he (hall not receive ; this is enough to make him miferable, but pofitive evil will make himoutright miferable. This Eliphaz profecutes in the next words, The flamefhall.dry.up his branches. The Flame is taken two ways i either, Fins, For the wrath of God which goeth forth, caufing judgment to take hold of fanners : or, Secondly, for the judgtne4t_it felf:, which is an circa of his wrath. The wrathof God burneth again(t thewicked as a flame, and then judgments burn up the wicked ; there is no heat to the heat ofDivine wrath, neither is any thing, punitively hot, till Divine wrath heatsit. Supt qua. °Ju` The flameElull dry up his branches ; Some, by his branches liberos inrnos Bununt, fed nor derfland,his Children, they (hall die. Children are branches, ®ÿegorice in.. they ($and, faith the Pfalmifr, like Olive plants , or branches loll m,«or:- round about the table of aman fearing God : Such branches nom erir fplen. lob had, but they were dried up, and probably Eliphaz might !aeMPPer' give him a rub upon that foar, in this exprc(lion. "4' Secondly , Others by branches underhand Hisfollowers d flatterers , who live upon him as branches upon a Tree ; ut revr,in Heb.- to pafs theft rehrained Interpretations : I conceive we may l vebe.mrr. take the Branch in general , for all that belongs to a wicked is fupplí+ man his Children, his Friends, his followers, his flatterers, cü,atque adeo srer ,ifj ratio. his Honours , his Riches, his Power ; all thefe lookgreen,and rrm are his beautiful branches ; and all theft the Flame driethup. Dues viderur The Prophet complains ( Joel 1. 19. ) 0 Lord to thee will I trandiatioa cry, for the fire bath devoured the paJtures of the Yilderezef ,. and more hsoflium t >Laßantiumre. the flame bath burnt all the trees of the Field : the Flame, of giónem ati. whichhe cries put, and which didnot only dry the branches, loom quifege_ but devour the Trees of.the field, was the extream heatof the rot l arbare, Sun ;. which as it dually fends out refrefhingbeams,fo when fuceendunt. God is angry , it canLend out fcorching Flames, and thofe beams , which tempered with {bowers of rain , nourifh the Eaxt1i , .iii; thß long withholding o>f rain, fcoich the Earah. Au,d : what, xhçn befell . ;he Tres properly talten, and their branches,