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i66 Chap. 15. An Expojtion upon the Bookof J O B. VerG3o, 7, 8,9. ) That is, he hath given out his-word-from Heaven, the habitation ofhis holinefs, and of his Glory ; or, Hehath fpoken it certainly , there is nothing but holinefs in his word ( and that's the ftrcngth of words ) David having received this word, bands affured, That as Shechem, and Succoth , Gi- lead, and.( ßnaffeb ,. Ephraim, and Judah , would willingly fubmit to him, andyield obedience : So allo, that Moab E- dorn,and Philifiia, who werehis profeffed Enemies, should be fubdued to him. He expeFed to conquer and triumph over them, toput them to the bafeti offices, as his Vaffals , becaufe God had decreed and fpoken in his holinefs. God hath fpo. ken the word ( faith he ) therefore it fhall be done, yea, 'tis done ; and therefore David cried , All's mine- Gilead is mine, Manaffeb is mine , Moab andEdom are mine, as loon as God had fpoken the word. All that ever was done in the World, bath been done by the breath of God's mouth ; that is, by the word or decree of God : So tome underhand that of the A. poble (2 Mel: 2.8.) Andthen(hall that wicked one be reveal- ed, whom the Lord(hall confirme with the fpirit, or breath ofhis mouth, anddefiroy with thebrightnefr of his coming: Antichriff hath flood .Yong, and he hath been for fome tithe declining; his downfal hallens; the breath ofGod will leave him breathlefs: As he hath flood by the flattering breathof men ; fo he (hall fall by the confuming breath of God. This confuming with breath, notes either (asbefore)the eatinefs of that confumption , 'tis done with a breath , or the way and manner of doing it ; 'cis done by the command and decree of God, or by the preaching of the Gofpel, which in- deed gives Antichrib his fatal blow, and (hakes all the Towers afmyilical Babylon, and is called by the Prophet, the rod of spirituors,fc. his mouth, and the breath of his lips (Ifa. r s . ç:. ) He 37 all 9.11:44 [mite the earth with the rod of his mouth, andwith the breath-of crcda pones his lips 'hall heflay the wicked. Life and death fit upon the lips referendum ejfe ad impium of Chrifi, he hath a reviving breath, and a killing breath ; he quaflillefibi quickens the deadet heart, and deals the quickeft, the prou- rpfìfueri: 'nor- deft heart with a word (peaking. By thebreath of bit mouth tit caufa,durn eonopeum' the wickedgo away, loquitur corfi- Further, The-breath of his mouth, fay fome,is -the breath of dtnter f5' libe, the wicked mans own mouth; By the breath of hit-mouth (hall re, Sand. he goe away : That is, by the words which breath out of his mouth.