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Chap. i 5. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf.3o. 165 thofe , whonegle 'ted to build the Houfe of the Lord ( Hag. a, g.) Te looked för much, but loe it came to little , and whenye brought it bome,I did blow uponit : God did but blow upon it, and by the breath of his mouth all their expelled encreafe went away.When Pharaoh purfued the Ifraelitesin the height ofpride and prefumption, the Text faith , It came toparr in themorning watch, the Lord looked upon the Hoag ofthe Egypti- ans through the pillar of fire ,andofthe cloud, and troubled the - Egyptians, and tookoff their Chariot wheels, that they draye them heavi ÿ (Exod;r4 24 z$.)God confounded them by.a look; how eafilycan the Lord rife up and defiroy all the power that rifeth up againfi his people ? He can do it with a breath from his mouth, with a cart of his eye. When Chrifl was apprehended by the Officers armed with Staves and Swords ; he Paid, Whom feekyou ? Theyanfwered , Jeftts of Nazareth: He faith, I am he. ( Chrifl was not afraid to confers himfelf) Asfoon then as he had laid unto them, I am he they went back, ward, and fell to the ground (John IS 6.) What a flrang pow - er was here , that Chrili could cats them down with a word,. and that not an angry word , not a word of convic` ion but. confeflion ; he did-not chide them, and fay , Ye wretches; hose dare you lay your hands,who am an innocent perfon; how dare you carry me to judgment, who thall oneday be your Judge ; Chrifi fuch terrible language , but only= faid, I am he, anddown they fell. If thefe words of fubmiflion had fuch a force in them., as overthrew thofe Officers to the- ground, how !hall his Enemies fand before.the thunder ofhis' feverelüinPre ations , and final fentence ? -As the Lord needs= not make great>provifons for comforting of his people, if he fpeaks; a word, it is done;; if he give but a good look , their - hearts revive ; Lord lift up the light of thy countenance upon me, thou haftput gladnefs in my heart( Pfal.4,6. 7.) So if God do but darken,his countenanceagainfi wikedmen, and frowtr upon them, if he do but breath at them , he puts forrow e- nough into their hearts, even confuming killing; forrow ; By- the breath of hi, mouth they go away:. , Again, take the breath of God, For the decree ofGod for the word or command which goeth out of his mouth, by this daroemore Dri breath of God, they go away, The defruâion of the wicked irocedento islander the Decree; Godbath,fpoker; inbis hólittefs($,` Jun.