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r yz Chap.i 5. Bna Expofition upon theBook, of J O B. Verf 3 i. is vanity, and all the fruits or iffues of it are vain too. There. fore as nothing, and nothing, added together, makes nothing, fo vanity and vanity put together, make but vanity : The to- tal firm cannot exceed the Items , or particulars; Let not him that is deceived truff in vanity, for vanity(ball his re- ernpexee. Hence obferve, F'u ll, Man is very apt to be deceived ; fo apt to be deceived,tbar he i,rfcaree ever undeceived : Eliphaz (peaks here, not onely of a pofíibility to be deceived, but of being adually deceived and this arifeth two ways, firíi from the impotency and weak - n_fs, from the blindncfs and 'ignorance that is in man : he that is blind and weak, is eafily milled ; every man naru - rali y, how thong, how wife, how knowing foever he feems to be, is yet weak, blind, and ignorant in a very great mea- lure ; and therefore very deceiveable : Man is full of craft, this makes him deceitful ; he is empty of true wifdom , this renders him deceiveable. Secondly, As man may quickly be deceived, by reafon of the ignorance which is in him , fo alto by reafon of thofe fubtle Enemies, who are always about him, yea, and within him. We live (as I may fo fpeak) among Cheaters and Cozenners, and there is a great Cheater lives in us ; how hard is it thennot to be deceived ? If a man be in a Croud anions many Cut-purfes and Cheaters, he is in danger to lofe hìs money every moment ; it is fo with us : Though carnal men are not at all aware of it, nor they who are molt fpiritual, £much aware of it as they thould. It is dangerous to live among deceivers, though we know them, and are aware of them : it is moll dangerous to live among deceivers , and not to know them, for then we cannot be aware of them ; but it is madnefs to know we live among deceivers, awl yet not to be awareof them. There are three notorious Deceivers,who labour to enfnare us ; we need nor wonder though fome who are watchful a- gainfi them, are deceived by them : but it would be a wonder, and Inch a wonder as yet was never feen, if they should not be deceived, who never watch againti them. Firli, Our own hearts, which have not onely an impotency or