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Chap x 3 An°Expofition upon the Boot¿ of J O. B. Verf3r. iry r caufe them to err (once they did, as the Prophet complains) Who then did ? Many go affray when none lead them affray: Man can deceive himfelf fait enough, if none elfe do ; yet the word implies allo the cunning afivity of an external Agent, to Lead poor fouls out of the way. We may take in both here : Let not him that is deceived, whether by the fal- lacious arguings of his own beast, or by the fubtlety of any other, whether men or Devils. 7ruff in vanity. r Or,Let hint not believein vanity : Trufling isan ad. of faith, .301.ZI and though a man may believe, and not truft ; yet noman crecer, ne rte- can truft, who Both not believe. We tranflate the wordnot i °,`,: v°Hita. as fignifying onely bare believing, but as it reaches that high- er ad of trufting : He that is moll deceived, is molt apt to trnft that which will deceive him more ; and gives not onely his content, but confidence to that which either is not at all, or is that leaft which it pretends to be, fit to be trailed, Vanity. Let him not troftin vanity. The word which we render Vanity, is not Raba ufed by NItt, Solomon (Ecclef. r.z.) Vanity ofvanities, which lignifies one- rem7rnaafal- ly alight thing, fuch as is a vapour riling from the earth, lita' mendoci- a bubble fwelling out of, and floating a little upon the water, uß`7°170 ell $ via rode qu,a or more aridly, a puff or breath of the mouth ; but it fig- apud Lottnos reifies rafhnefs, falfenefs, a lye, a deceit ; vain things are vocabuli vani falle,- lying, and deceiveable; therefore, one word ferves for quad tam pro mendacier pan both. , re idreule Again, Vanity may be here taken two ways, either far te accipi fin, or deoeit, with which a man is miflead and then the meaning is Let not him that is deceived by fin, trait in fan : Or fecondly, Vanity may be taken for any creature- comfort, and contentment, efpeciallythole: which are the revenue, or in-come of finful pra fifes. Sin leadsto profit, to pleafure, to honor, to there 'frail and tranfitory things fin leads us, in hope offatisfadn'by them ; , and then-the meaning is,/,et not him that is deceived.trttff- in that which fin promifeth and pro. fef 7th, itwill do for him, or advance him to :' Sin in its nature Za is