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a 176 Chap 15. An expofition upon the Book of J O B. VerC31. delight ; wltar thoughts had Ahab concerning Nabothr Vine yard ? If he could but get it, he were a made zmazn ; what plea- fure (hould we have in thole (hidy walks ? 'what Grapes and Wine from thole fruitful Vines ? Sin promifetla as 'largely as God doth, to give us not onely delight but fatisfaction , that we (hall not have fomuch as an empty corner in our (awls all (hall be filled : Whereas in truth there is nothing but emptinefs and diffatisfaction in any creature, efpecially when fin leads or helps us to the enjoyment of it. Thirdly, At leali, (ìn promifeth and gives its word for it, that we (hall be free from trouble, and fecl no evil; That rr e fhall have peace, tbo.ugh we walk in the imagination of our heart Dctat. 29.19.) That as they flattered themfelves (in the Prophet, We (halt not feefwordnor famine : Thefe vani(hing dreams of plenty, of good things, and immunity from. evil carry rhoufands of fouls captive to the bafeit bondage of fin. Further, This vanity, from truíiing, which the deceived foul is called off by Eliphaz, is conceived to be worldly wV '7 ï1 riches, and the fulled pofliflìon of thecreature ; thefe are va. Varsiratef men nay That they are , is a common theme, and yet though it be mend)co. much fpokenof, it is very little believed ; we areapt toover rate the things of the World, and underrate the things of Heaven. The creature is vanity, not onely in regard of the nothingnefs of it, but vanity in regard of that which we call the fomethingnefs of it, or the bed of it. The Prophet 7onah makes the word which we here tranflate Vanity, the Epithite of that which is commonly tranilatcd Vanity ç Jon.z 8,) 7hey that obferve lyingvanitie,r : Idols are vanity, and a lye, besaufe though they can do no good at all, yet they promìfe much Riches are vanity and a lye, besaufe they cannot do fo much good as they proirrife. Solomon faith in his Ecclefiaftfes, That money anfweretha!lshings Cha.8.1o.) And fo it doth, as the value of all earthly things is made by Money, and as Money is the price of all earthly things. But though money anfwreth all things, by fat sfying our en- gagements, yet it anfwereth nothing to`the tatisfyingof its own engagements. Money and Riches have paid many a mans debts, and enough of them will pay anymans debts ; but they have never paid theirewn debts) no more then Idols