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Chap 5o on upon the Book, of J (QB. Ver.31 Full, Tii re,s pion in f, it defiles. Secondlly, The is as b J&nc`s in es ;s, ¿ifhonors. Thirdly, There is a dcceitfuinefs n: tin, it w us believe we Ihal1 be, and receive, that which it is tot able to perform, Hence the Apojlie ( Rom.`. 6. ai .`), puts the quellion to thofe who were once the fervants of fin, What fruit hadye then in thofe things whereof you are now afhamed? He asketh them,and bids them aEk their own hearts,iYhatfruit hadyou ? as if he had Paid, Iknow whenyou were fervants o ffin,yourfins promifedyougreat matters, great rewards : The treeoffinTeems to be loadedwithfruits," the boughs of it look,as ifready to break, withgoodlyfruits ; fruit pleafant to the eye, ftneet to the taffe,and defirable to make one wife; but I hefeechyou tell me, whatfruit hadyou in chafe things whereofyou arenow afhamed ? Ifyou be afhamed tell me, I will tell you,The endofthofe thg;r is death ; that's all the fruit which the Tree of fin bears. Sin deals with us, as Jae/ with Sifera (Judg. 4:18,) She flood at the Tent door, when he came panting from the Battcl and Paid to him, Turn in niy Lord, turn in-; The took him into her Tent, and laid him down, covered him warm, and when he ask- ed her for milk, The gave him butter, butter in a Lordly difh Here were fine words, andfeeming promifes: yet the honeft- ly deceived him, Sheput her hand to the nail, and her hand to the Workman: hammer, and nailed his temples to the ground. Thus fin bidsus turn in, promifes to cover us warm, gives us butter in a Lordly difh, but never tells us of that wotul end, and wretched catafirophe which it intends unto us: Sin deals with us, as Dallilab with Sampfon, takes us into its bo- fom and embraces, but then it hath'a plot to cut the lock of our firength, todeliver us over tò the Philiftims, to call in Legions of Devils to feize upon us, and make us grind at the Mill of theirbafefi drudgery, More diflinttly, fin deceives by a threefold promife. Firft, By a promife of profit (Prov; s. as.) Come calf in thy lot with us, let AS lie inwait for blood, &c. Wefhállfindall precióue fub(lance>a we(hall fill our houfes with fpoil: but this ,precious fubflance, proves onely a pernicious (hadow, and there . fpoils taken,fpòil thofe w ake them. Secondly, Sin deceives by protnifing Content, and fweet delight e> 173