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Chap. i 5-, An Expofttion upon .the Bo,k of J Q B. Verf.3 r, 1St vengeance belongeth unto me , 1 recompencefaith the Lord : God will not live long in any mans debt : As holy Gofpei.cen. ftdence bath agreat recompence ofreward( Pleb. 10.35.) So eve. ry dfobedience ofthe Law bath received ajujt recompence of re- ward (Heb.2.2. ) And God is fo exact in giving the recom- pcnces of punifhment, that he will not (pare his own , when they are fo foohfh as to truft in vanity ( Prori.1 1.31. ) Behold the rightecur Jhall be recompenced in the earth , much more the wicked and the finner : that is , A righteous man [hall be cor- rected, though he fin of infirmity ; how then !hall the wick- ed be punifhed who fin with prefumption and delight. As a wicked man bath all his recompences of good on the earth (Match. 6. 2. ) :they have their reward ; fo a righteous man . bath all his recompences ofevil or aril idion in the earth ; he bath none beyond. But , we may firongly argue , that the wicked, who trutl invanity (hall be recompenced with forrow for ever; feeing the righteous.; if they do but a little turn a- fìdeto vanity, that' be recompensed with forrow here:That's the Apostle Peters way of reafoning { e Epift. 4. 18.) if she righteous fcarcely be Paved, where jhail the ungodly andfinner ap- pear ? Surely, as the Prophet concludes (1f .5.ß. 18.) ,4ccor ding to their deeds,accordingly he will repayfury to his adverfa_ ries , recompence to his enemies, to the Jfands be will repay r e- compence. Secondly , as vanity in the former clank is taken for the Creature. Obferve, The Creature ;smolt vain to thofe whotruji it. The Creature is a vain thing in his hand, who b;lieves and trults in. God, but it is exceeding vain in his hand , who trufts on it ; and the more it is trufled , the more vain it is. If we make it our !tad, it will be our feourge : if we lean upon it as our rock, it will run into our hands like a broken Reed : The belt way to keep up our comforts in the Creature , is to keep our diftance from the Creature. And!they fhall find most con- tent in the World , who live furtheft off it, and expel leafs from it. God is good, and themore we truft him , the better he is to us ; yea, he is not good at all to us , unlefs we trult him: but the belt of Creatures milted to become evil, ; yea, an Idol to us. 7-raft not in vanity ( fuch are all Creatures in their belt eftate)for vanity jhall beyour recampence,. Pgain,