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8o Chap. 15. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B., Verf3.r, matters and much joy, hath given nothing but afhes, forrow, and mifery ; ofwhich afhes, and 'efpecially feeding upon aches, was an embleme : Now though it were thus with him, yet ( faith the Prophet) A deceived heart bath turnedhim a de,tbat be cannot deliver his Soul, nor fay , it there not a lye in my right hand? that is, Though he fee himfelf deceived , yet he hash no power to withdraw from the deceiver, nor to Qieftion the deceit ; he isfo bewitched with the forcery of fin , that he cannot deliver his Soul from the loaresof it ; but being de- ceived, he is willingly deceived , and looks upon his deceiver as his trolly friend. God never deceived , no nor failed any man that truftcd in. him (Pf 9. t o.) yet the hearts of the omit will not be perfwa* ded to trult God ; fin and the Creature deceive all that trust in them , yet we can hardly call or beat the heart off from nulling them. Sin feldo.m looks its credit ; fin hath broken and undone thoufands ,.yea ,all who have trolled it ; yetilill it hath credit among thoufands, and can be trulled withmore than this World is worth, the precious Soul of man, for the asking. But let not him, that is deeaived, truft ( any longer ) in vanity, ifhe do, he Chili never be a gainer, no nora la- ver by it., For vanity (hail be his recompence. Vanity fills both parts of the Verle , and meetsus at every, turn, yet with a difference :.In the former part by vanity was Vonitaris na- lignified either fin, or the Creature ; in this latter part, vanity, :feenvariehc notes mifery, or the effeCa. and fruit of fin. umirur , quam 08 rem plan Hence Obferve. wanefort The vanity of miferyovertakes all thofe who are deceivedby,ibis_ batepriore tof vanity of . fin. co, A.vanas res quibras¡de. r anity ig their recompence. bans, fc. apes : gtoriaza,pofle- riori locova- There are two forts of recompence. Pirla, Ofwrath. ai:orerr in Secondly, Of favour. quam b¢cora- Evil deedsh ave their recompence as well as good. To me aia redigenda p fini dam ex bis (faith the Lord ,Deut. 32.35.) belongeth vengeance and recom- decide mifer pence ; that is, the recompence of vengeance; as the Apoftle fist. 111e c, expounds it ( Heb,Io.3o;) For we know him thatfaid, Ven- geance.