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2 Chap.i 5. An Expofitian upon the Book. of J O`B. Verf.7; peareth firfl : So then,whether we take hills by a Synecdoche forthe whole earth, or plainly. for a partof the earth, both reach at higheft Antiquity. There is an opinion ( I confers ) which if true, takes away the ground of this notion , That hills and mountains grew up, and were as fo many excrefcen- cies of the earth, fince it was created,and that they grow dai- ly (as Naturalills expreefs it) by Juxtapofition. But I fully adhere to their judgement (under which this notion (lands fate ) that the earth was diftinguift into Hills, Plains, and Valleys,by the fame immediate power which created it,though I eafily grant that many Hills have been accidentally caufed, and cati up tince, efperially in the deluge. And this Both more advance the Wifdomof God in the frame of this mighty coals, which bath in it greater ornament, and yeelds greater delight by thisvariety, than if it had been fmoothed all over into Plains and Levels. $uod forgo an- Further, to clear the Text , confider , that it is ufual in tiquum, mono Scripture , when a thing of great Antiquity is fpoken of, to rium F5 colt' compare it to the Hills, Prov. 8.23,2 4,25. TYfdom (which is ttum ca Para Cbrift)fpeaks thus,/ wasfet upfrom everlafting, from the begin- ;('olet.indicari ning,ere the earth was , when there was no depths I was brought firth,wh.en there were nofountains abounding with water, before the mountains werefetled; before the Hills,was I broughtforth; wbilF asyet he hadnot made the earth ,nor the fields, nor the high.. eft part ofthe duff of the world. Wherenote alto by the way, a full,confirtnation of the opinion even now afferted , that God made the Hills immediately, which are here alfo called, The higheft part ofthe duft of theearth, Again(Pfal, go. 2.) 0Lord thou bait been our dwellingplace in allgenerations ; which he explains in the nett words, Before the Mountainswere brought forth, from everlafting to everlafting ,'thou art God. Old Jacob (peaks this Divine Phylofophy upon hisdeath- bed while he was biding his Son Jofeph ( Gen.49.`26.) The bleffings of thy Father haveprevailed above the bleffings ofmy Progenitors, above the utmoft bounds of the everlaftingJlilj: Once more,Hab, 3.6. Heftoodand meafured the earth,he beheld ,anddroveafoender the Nations, and the everlafting Mountains werePattered, the per- petualHills didbow :,Now a. thing is called everiafting either ffrit;}ly, becaule it [hall lafi for ever, or becaufe it lalleth very long in this latter featfe, the Hills are everlalling : the Hills wer