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--------- . . C1tap i5 An Expoftion upon the Book of J O B. Verf:`i r. 25 were from the beginning, and fhall continue to the end. As for yob, he began to live but lately, and he mutt thortiy dye : Waft thou made before the hills? Eliphaz proceeds to a fecond branchof his third reproof. Verf. 8. Haft thou heardthefecret of God, ordolf thou relfrain wifdom to thy felf ? As if he had laid, PoJbly thou wilt wave, or notjfand to this plea of thy great antiquity. What is then that fwells thee into Inch proud and daring thoughts of thy infallible know- ledge ? Is it becaufe, Thou haft heardthefecret of God? The Hebrew word fignifies either countl,orany thing that ,.110 Smtusn is fecret andmy fictions : tome render it,Haff thou heard things vet conflium. unfpeakable: when the Apofile was caught np to Heaven cizatepnru,or: 2 Cor. 1z. He heard wordsunfpeakable, which is not lawful for carà,indicenda a man to utter: Had thou heard unutterable fecrets ? A fe- n41íLes»- cond translates, Haft thouheard themyfferies of God ? A third Psov, ïheod. Raft thou had difcourfe with God? or haft thouheard Goddif o rrttwct xv1 courfe. about the great things of wifdom ? The Septuagint, 08 axgxoaq, Hag thou heardthe cosfeitutions ofHeaven, or knoweft thou in conflitutionent what marine Godbath fettledall the affairs ofmankind, natural, doraini audivi. civil, andfpiritual ? Artthou ofprivy Council to theKing ofßoreufur ells Heaven ? or artthou a member ofthe Conclave? Thus Derr. scot. he reproves him for arrogating to himfelf fuch knowledge, as Eadea, vox is not attainable,, but by fpecial infpiration, or revelation qu,e eft f cre. from God himfelf. The prophet,puts the quettion (7er.23. tum; ell mum 1.8,) Who hashfood in the counfel of the Lord, andbathpercei- cofp!' au con. vedand heard bis word?Who bath markedbis word andheard it? in co fiiú or_ So the Apoftle (Kam. II. 34.) Who bath knorvn the mind of cans tragar... the Lord, or who bath been his Counfelior ? God is able tomake tue; ti'confi!ta known the whole nmytterie of his will in a moment to the nan11di fecret;, meanefi. foul he can let. in floodsupon theunderttanding with. Pinedebenr, out our fiudy : he can make a fool wife, and drawing back the curtain of ignorance, irradiate the darken mind with the eleareft light ofall things knowable : But haft thou heard fuch feelers ? There are two fortsof Divine. fecret :. Firlt, Secrets of Providence : E Secondly,