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Chap.15. An Expofttiiin uponthe Bookof J OB. Yerf. z. and doff thou reffrain wifdom to thyfeif? That is Doff thou/fhink there is no wifdom betides thine ? art thcu at the very border and utmoft limit of knowledge abr(adZe; and underfiandng ? is all beyond thee ignorance and folly ? fen /ù in Haft; thou got and engroffed all the Learning fromothers, and idem reridit ref rved it to thy feif alone as thy peculiar, with which none cumeoquodefl mu intermeddle without a licenfe obtained from thee ? hale nbi oJcribH thouthe Monopoly of Wifdom ? or is all but enough for thee? gatam°alit, Shall none of thy neighbours (hare with thee ? This is either fepientiam tibi a charge of greater arrogancy than the former ? Doft thou re- offwnpfrfli ex jfrain wifdom to thy feif ? or at leaf( a charge of greateft uncha- divino arcano ritablenefs : goodnefs is diffufive, and fo is wifdom, and it is the duty of good men to diffufe wifdom. When they have n f uporriget2S heard the ferrets of God, they mutt communicate them to Tygur. others, not refirain all to themfelves. But I conceive Elipbaz intendsonely the former charge. Hence obfcrve It is the higheff[train of pride for a man to refire: inwifdom to himfelf : or to think himfelf fo wife , that all mutt ad- drefs to him for wifdom. God bath not given all wits dom to any one man , or fort of men, though he hath truti- ed Come with more Talents of it than he hath done others. The Priefis lips ofold under the Law, and fo the lipsofMini- tiers under the Gofpel, fhould preferve knowledge ; and the people fhould feekbothLaw and Golpel at their mouth (Mal. z.7.) Yet neither might the Preens then, nor any Minitterc now, refirain wifdom to themfelves. The ruleof the Apo- file is, Be not wife above what is written : that is, above Holy Writ, orabove what is written from the immediatediffatcs of the Spirit of God. They are (as we fay j f-ols in PritFt, who fay they are wife above what is thus written but we may be wife above whit is fpoken or written by any man , for no man ought to refirain all wifdom to himfelf: to do Co is the top-ftair of Antichriftian pride; ThePope reftrains wofdom:o himfelf : he boafis that he hath the Iecrets of God, and that all mutt come tohim if they will have them unlo;kt and open- ed I-lis fentettces from the Chair are Oracles, and there be is infallible: all are obliged to receive what he faith, becaufe he faith it : no man mull fcruple, much leis oppofe or contradi E z it.