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5 An:ExpefitiQñ.itpon"théBook of J014 Yerf.$ ,. 3 Secondly, Secretsof Dof,}rine. The former are of fuch things as God will do; the latt;r, fuch as man is either to do or believe : God reveals both to his people. The ordinary way for us, is by the Word written, the extraordinary by a word fpoken : Thus God opened his fecrets to the ancient Prophets and Apoftles. The Prophet memos (Chap.3 7., fpeaks of the fecrets of Frovidence,Surely the Lordwill do nothing, but be revealeth his fecrets to hisfir- vanes the Prophets : And the Lord himfelf faith of Abraham, Shall Ihide from Abraham the things that I am about to do : Now as there is a revealing of Providence, or of the works of God, fo there is a revealing ofDolrines and of the holy truths of God. This he promifeth (foe/ 2. 28.) I will pour out my Spirit uponallflefh, andyour font andyour daughters (hallpro- phejie, your old men(hall dream dream's, youryoung men /hallfee vifions Young men cannot claim to be the firft men,thcy were not before the hills, yet to them the vifons of Heaven are promifed ; Yet wemull not neglect that command of our at- tendance upon the teachings of the Word, becaufe we have received a promife of the teachings of the Spirit. The Spirit ufually teacheth by theWord, never again(t if; and it is a tempting of God, while he gives us means to linger after im- mediate Revelations : yea, when the Lerd reveals himfelfim- mediately, he ufes todo it without mans forethought or ex- pedations. The Prophets did not fit thernfelves to receive Revelations from God, but his Spirit came upon them with mighty power,and irrefiitible evidence. And though God doth reveal Tome of his fecrets, yet he path fecrets which he will not reveal : The fecret of the Lord is with them that fear bim, f Pfal.24..14.) Andhisfecret is with the righteous (Pro.3.32.) This tecret is either the good will and favour ofGod, ofwhich the World knows nothing, or the good Word and Faith of God, of which the World knows as little : Both thefe forts of Divine fecrets are with the righteous,and men fearing God ; but the fecretsof his Counfel are referved in his own breaft. He reveals to his people the fecrets of his bounty, andoftheir duty, what he will do for them and what they muti do for him ; but many things which himfelf will do fhall never be revealedbut by the doingof them : Haft thou heard thefloret" of God? And