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Chap.15. flit'Expofr'rion upon the Boo! of JG"B.. Verfzi. give honour to a man,but he cannot give him cotttfort .A'inan may EÍiVe"a ileáfant dwelling a loving Wife , fwcet Cli`iím ` dren,' yet"none of there a comfort to The confolation of all our poffeffions and relations is from God a Whofoever would have comfort, mull trade to Heaven for it, that's a commodity can be found upon no earthlycoat, you may fetch in wealth frommany coatis of the earth brit you cannot fetch in comfort,till you addrefs your felves to' the Godof Heaven.We can procure, our own forrow quickly, but God onely makes us to rejoyce our relief from outward af- fli&ion or inward grief is the gift of God, He on'y can comfort urin outwardafflittions who can command thecreature, and he can only comfort us againff our inward griefs, roh'o can' convince the confèience.None cati do either of thefe but God,`therefoáe confolations are fromGod. Luther fp'ke true It is eàfier to make. a World than to comfort the confcience;the Hebrew'phrafe to comfort , ufed in diverfe places of theOld Teflament, is, 7ofp:a1, to the heart : NowGod only can fpeak to the heart ; man can (Peakto the ear, he can fpeak words , but he cati 'got no further. therefore the aft andart of comfnftangs belongs properly to God; Chriff is the true Noah : Lamed) faith of Noah, Gen, 5. 29, 774 man (hall comfort us, concerning our workand`the toyle of our hands; it was not in Noah to com- foit but as God made him a comfort , and he was raid to com- fort as a typeof Chrill, Chrili is true corntórt,- Heir comfort cloathed in ovr flefh , he is(as it were)comfert incarnate :Noah Pent a Dove out of his Ark , which returned with an Olive branch, Jefus Chri(1 fends the. Holy Ghotl who is called the Comforter With the Olive branch of true peace toour wearied Souls;and to thew that iris now the hïghefl ad of Chrifls love andcare as Mediator,to give comfort , he promifed tofend the Hoy Ghofl,when himfeif was taking his leave of the Church, in regard ofany vifible abodeor bodilyprefence t being ready to afcend and Pup into [-Leaven ; he laid, I trill fetid the com- forter. When God rained fire and bri'mffóne from heaven upon Sodom and Gon orrah, Paid by Tome òf'the Ancients, that he fent a Hell out of Heaven But When h.e'pours 'the 'holy Spi- rit from Heaven his Sion, we may fay he fends a beaver outof Heaven. Heaven above is nothing elfe butholy comfort, and the comforts of HolySpirit , are the only heaven be- ,ova. t' 2 HOW: 35.