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36 Chap,r5. An expofition upon the Book of J,O B. Verf.r.t. lí How highly then ought we to eficem ,, how carefully to maintain communion with GJel, who hash allcomfgrt, fee- ing comfort is more to us than all we have. If we havecotn , fort, let oureftate be what it will, we are well enough ; com- fort is as the fpringof our year, as the light of our day, as the Sun in our Firmament, asthe life of our lives. Have we not reafon thanto draw, yea, to prefs neerer unto God , who hath all comfort in his hand, &without whom the belt things cannot comfort us ?. Not our riches, nor our relations, not Wife, nor Children, not health, nor beauty , not credit nor honour,none.of there can comfort us without God,and ifGod pleafe he ran make any thing comfort us; he can make a cruft of dry bread a feats of fat things, a-cup of cold water, a. ban. pet of And as he can make our comforts croffes, fo our crosa comfort, as David (peaks (Pfal, 23. 4,) Thy rod and thyffaifcomfort me, not only the fupporting lag, but the correding.rod thall comfort , if God command it to to be a comforter.; Who, wouldnot maintain communion with this God who can make a comfort of any thing, whocan anfwer every crofs_with a comfort ; If rve have a thoufand croff`s, Godbath ten tboufand comforts.; he can multiply-Comforts faller than the World can multiply crolfes. Again , ifGod be the God of all confolation, themgo tr God for confolation,as theAngel laid to thewomen when they came to the Sepulcher enquiring for Chft , Why feek ye the living among the dead, be it rifen, be is not here : So I may fay , Why feekye living comforts among dead or dying Creatures?Seektbbem there no longer. lob complains in this Book , When I Paid my bedfhall comfort me, then thouJcareft me with dreams (Chap.7,) lob went to a wrong place, when he went to his bed for corn- fort 5 moll Souls mils ofcomfort , becaufe they go to a wrong piace for it : one goes to his bed , another to his friend for comfort, a third to his wife.and Children, thefe,faith he,fhall comfort me; alas, why feek ye the living, among the dead, none of thefe can comfort, though there may be means of comfort. Whoor whatfoever is the injtrument,God rs the author of all ourcomfort , whatfoever band brings it, God finds it ; God (faith Paul) who comforteth thofe who are ca)i down , com- forted us by the coming of Thus (2Cor. 7.6.) Titus was a good man . ansï brought good tidings t yet Puni lath not fay that. ihß