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38 Chap.' 5. An-.Expofstion upon the Book, of J O B. VerCr Confolations rightly adminiffred by men , are the confolations ofGod ; While man fpeaks,God commands;Comfortye;comfort ye mypeople, fpeak comfortably to Jerufalem , tell her that her warfare is accomplifhed, and her finpardoned (Ifa. q.o. r. ) As all the counfels, reproofs, and Doarines which the Miniflers of Chrift difpenfe according to the form of wholfom words delivered either in the Law or Gofpel, are the counfels, infiru . &ions,reproofs & Dothrines ofGod; fo alfo are their`confola® tions.And thats the reafonwhy God takes it ill at the hands of men, when his Metfengers, who bring either infirafkion,or confòlation,are refufed ; becaufe himfeif is refufed when they are, and his confolations are difefleemed when theirs are. Thirdly, Obferve To account the, confolations ofGod fmal,isa verygreatfin: Wes rebukes rebellious Korah & his confederates, for undervaluing that priviledge which they `(as Levites) had to be near God in holyServices ( Numb. 16. 9. ) Seemeth it a fmall thing'un- to you, that Godof lfrael, bath feparatedyou from the Con- gregation ofIfi ael,to bringyou near to himfeif to doe theferviceof the Tabernacle, c?If it were their tin to count it a fmall thing to be called near to God in holy adminiftrations, how great a fin is it in anyman to count it a ftnall thing, that God draws near to himwith heavenly confolations ? Though the confo- lations of God to us be fmall comparatively to what force o- thers have, yet we mull not account any confolation'of God fmall , and that upon two grounds : Firft, Becaufe of our own unworthinefs ; the leali confola- tions are great, confidering how little we are,as Jacob fpeaks, ( Gen.32. 10.)Iam not worthy the lee of all thy mercies : He thought little mercies toobig for him , becaufe he was little in his own eyes. They who have great, yea, any thoughts of their own merits, lefien the mercies of God ; but he who fees he deferves nothing but ill, feesabundance ofinercyin the (mailed good. Secondly; fmalh ffi-confolations are very great , becaufe they proceed from a great God: As no fin is fmall , though comparatively to another fin it may be fmall, becaufe it is committed againti the great God ; fo no contolation is fmall becaufe it comes from the great God. Godputs an imprefs of his own greatnefs upon the Jeaft things that are done or given