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Chap.'5. AnExpojition upon the Book of JOB. Verf.'t: 37_ the coming ofTitus did not comfort them; but , faith Paul, God comfortedus by the coming ofTitus ;. 'Tis not your friend who comforts you , but God who comforts you by the com- ing offuch afriend , when you are in forrow ; by fending in fuch relief, when you are poor ; by fen,'.ing fuch Medicinesi when you are Fick, fuch falves when you are fore , fuch coun fel whenyou are indoubt and know not what to do. Once more, It is happy for Saints that confolation it in the band ofGod , ifit were in the hand ofthe Creature, fure they thould havebut little of it, but it is in the hand of God. There are there four confderations whichmaycomfort Saints , that comfort is in the hand of God.: Firfft,Confidcring his nature, he is willing and ready to do good ; he isfull of compatlîon , and to thew mercy pleafeth himmore than it relieveth us. Secondly,. Confdering his relation to hispeople t he is -a Father. Will a Father let a Childe lie comfortlefs, whenhe can help him ? he is our Husband , he is our Friend, all relati- ons provoke God to give out comfort to the Saints. Thirdly, Confidering his Omnifcience and Omniprefence i he knows where the thooe wrings , he knows what comfort we want ; a friend (poflibly ) hath the comfort in his hand, which we need,and he may be willing to give it out untous, but he knows not wherein we are pinched , God tells Mofes, 1 bavePeen, I have feen the afitlionsof mypeople in Ægypt. And as he knows how it is with us,fo weare ever within his reach, he can lay his hand upon every joynt where we are pained , andput a Platter upon every wound : here is our happinefs. Chrift would takeof his people from extraordinary cares a- bout the thingsof the World, by this argument, Tour Father knows thatye have needof thefe things, Matth.6.3a. your Fa- ther who carries the purfe knows your want. Fourthly, Confider his Omnipotence , he is able to com- fort ; he can command, yea, create comforts, he can bring his comforts through anarmyof forrows to a poor Soul , yea,he can lead comfort through an Armyof Devils and temptati- ons toa poor Soul; he is Almighty, there is nothing too hard for him to do, nor is he hard tobe entreated to do that which= gives cafe untohis people. Secondly, Qbfetve írogfilatians,