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Chap.i5. An Expofition upon the Book of J O,B: Ved,' 2, whenany fland up againfl the Word of God,or refill the con. folations which are offered them; fure there is Tome accurfed thing, fome hidden' Wedge of !loin Gold, or forne Babylo- nilh Garment treaCured in, or wrapt about your hearts, and therefore ye can neither fee nor fubmit to the counfels ofGod for your good. This is a ufcful truth for us, though an undue charge on Jab : and yet his friend proceeds (if a highercharge can be) to charge him higher ; as will appear in the two Verfes foil lowing. JOB, CHAP. 15. Vert, 12,13. &thy cloth thine heart carry thee away ? and what doth thine eyes winkat ? That thou turnefl thy fpirit againfl God, and letiefifilch words ;17 adoinn go out of thy mouth ? to ell rip'? capere, pne. Liphaz infifis (till upon that unpleafant fubjeft of reproof; re, capit pro L the fifth ground whereof here propofed, is Jobs over-con- rapit, flOTht, fident flicking to his own Principles, or his overweening his "it own o inion, This reproof is couched in the 12. and try, .`7eRanimru p p etgais, q d. Verles. perrnittb teab Verfi 1a. Why Both thy heart carry thee away. ? ripiendum F, tranfverf+o .a He (peaks by way of Queflion, or as Come expound him, e tdum? ?fru by way of admiration ; as ifhe had laid, It is ajirange, even a tt :c ,t nrr a,ti. wonder to me, that thy heart fh-ould thuss carry thee away : The orate', auir afuror word which we tranfiate, tocarry away, fignifies to take up,or cordievgitar, barely to take and lay hold upon ; Why doth thy heart ? the 9u,ß re e,ara heart is the whole inwardman here more fpecially, the af- terapidpica' feftions, Why do thy affections mailer thy, judgement,why are thy tit joíâantia, a ions too hard or ty rea on? Others give the fenfe thus How Pined, p f y' Ì g 3ám fuperbus can thy heart hold thee ? As if Job had grown too big for him - apudte e:, ut Pelf; as if he had been fo proudand arrogant, fo,tranfported '?ia,temeeip with f 1fconceit, that he could not contain himfelf, and fuwcaperepof. keep his bounds, or as if he had not flowage enough for his fn nec guidon miipftus cepa, own thoughts. A third thus (which comes neer the fame ea,, Bold, fenfe)What doth thyheart attribute or afcribeto thee?fúrely thy heart