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ChaR.y 5. An Expofitio,vupon the Book, of J O B. VerGï a. 43 heart doth give thee force great titles, fuch as thefe, job the wife, job the holy, thejut, the ftncere : thy heart lets thee out .Pofit per datP- fure,and gilds thee over with attributes beyond thy deferving, vum tm vent, Matter Broughton following one of the Rabbins; prefents P bdcor mum. us with a different Tranflation from either of thefe, What Do. sold ¿trine can thy heart give thee, or what can thy heart teach thee Amid doter re The word which we render to take, to carry, or hold up a carruum.itab, thing, fignifles alfo to learn or teach Dot` nine, but rather to S01° nPt? learn than to teach, as Grammarians tell us, which fomewhat firgamfèd6 abates the clearnels of that Vertion ; yet the Chalcfee`kaua. dieirr{r adif phrafe follows the fame fenfe, What path thy own thought cendo porius taught thee ? What learnett thou there,as if Eliphaz had faid; Tama decen- Thou haft an evil heart, andfurely air ill Mailer will teachbut ill d 'id U1. re Dor`lrine : when the heart is inditing of a good matter (Pfa.4.5.) cogirario rao. then we may learn good letfous from the heart, and then we Targ. fpeak mo It effeaually to the hearts of others, when we (peak from our own hearts, they having firm been fpolten to' by the Spirit of God. But a corrupt heart can teach no better than it hath, and that is corrupt Dotrines. Thefeare truths, yet too much ttrained for upon this Text, and therefore I pats from them, and abide by the ordinary fignification of the wordas we read it, Why loth thy heart take thee ttp,or carry theeaway as if he häd faid, Thyheart hath feizedupon thee, and arretled thee, thou art led away prifoner, or cap.ive, by theviolence and impetuoulnefs of thy own fpirit. Theword is applied (Ezek. 23.. i4..) to the motion of the Spirit of God, fent unto Ezekiel to inaruahim ; The Spirit liftedme up, or caught me away , that which the goo Sprit did unto Ezekiel ( not onely upon his fpirit , but upon his body, for he was corporally carried away from the place where he was) that the heart of Job (as Elïphzz conceived) did unto him, it lilted him up, andcarried him away. There is a kind of violence in the allurements 'and inticngs of tfte heart. As aman is faid to be carried away by fiie`ilt coun- fels of others, fo alfo by his own. In the former fenfe the word is ufed, Pray. 6 5.. Where Solomon adviting to,take heed of the Harlot,faith he,ffcep thee from the evil woman,frem the flattery of the tongue off$rt4ge w6- $ man : luft not after her in thy bear`t,neither let ber tale ghee with her eyelids There he makes ufe ofthis word, let her not take G a thee