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46 Chap, i5. An Exportion upon the Bookof OB. f. r z; or of diffatisfacion with the counfels which his friends gave him, as was lately hinted. Shutting of.the eye, imports (hut - Ægre, gui f, ting of the mind, or a refufal of what is fpoken. When hifapientesvi God judicially clofed the eyes of the Jews, laying to the demur, ferunt, Jvecanciaren Prophet (Ifa. 6 i o.) Make the heart of thispeopte fat, and make aurßvedifcep. their ears heavy,andPhut their eyes ; this (hewed the (huttingof senr,non audirá their minds agaiufì the truth : fo allodoth a voluntary or an cumesternis affeCfed (huttingof the eye in Come men, though in others it raodafláá 0 is is an a} of fironger attention or intentionof their fpirits to rentionb ey g' p. . ffinatfgni. what is fpoken, which forne take to be the Englifh of lobs Inaudiriine winking, as we (hall fee a little after. Liriafunrfu- Secondly, This winking with the eye, is expounded by percitia,torvi, others, though not as an oppofition againft what he heard, yet aas tobtu t. as the efture of a negligent and carelefs hearer. They who vuttus, obtuit. $ Y vogar, nutus, (peak, take it ill to have either ill looks, or not to be looked &c Plut, lib, upon by their hearers. The attentivenefs of the ear may be deAud. much difcerned by the eye: One of theold Moral Philofos üzarn de pliers' in his dìfcourfe about hearing, numbers winking amon 2ii ntemás ocatós the vices and offcntive behaviours of Hearer. When the Lord ef/einterpreta Chriff Preached (Luke 4. 20.) It is laid, That the eyes of all WY. that were in the Synagogue werefafinedon him. A faftned eye is- Mauoruli the note of a fixed heart, as a wandrin eye is of a wandrin prodir nos ne- g Y g flrafgue atoa. hearti Theyfaftned their eyes upon him, asif they 'meant to hear onesa to car. with their eyes as well as with their ears. A winking eye is a eeinni. Pined. moveable and an unfettled eye, and therefore may well be the .eordis canto= dilcoverer of an unfettled Spirit. rnarisexorulia Thirdly, winking with the eye is allo a fin of dif. BUÉS emicat Y g Y ign offent dam and (corn. As if Eliphaz had Paid, The pride of thy slis elatutn. heart fparkles at thine eye , while we are are coun(elling and JIere, comforting thee, thou art fcorning us. The Ancients were rei vete very critical about the eye, much of a man may be feen at his rigor religio Y Y Y fuit, liquiden eye. As a man fees; fo he is feen by his own eyes. The frame in ii: imago of the heart appears much in the eye ; a joyful os a forrow- dominis ejl & ful frame of heart, an humble or a proud frame of heart, a manc rfBold. contented, or a dilcontented, an amicable, or a fcornrul frame in oculis,loca= of heart appears at the eye, As the ear and nofirils of the ?ir CI porous, Horte, diCcover him molt, according to the rules of Natura- homo cagnofci% lifts, fo the eye of man is the greaten difcoverer ofman, 'whe- n'. Sent then we confider the conftitution or the aCtions of it. And Nebr. that this acaión of winking, is an argument of a fcoanful fpirit,