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Chap.' 5. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Ver.1 a. 47 fpirit, or the anion of a '(corner, appears fromDavids Peti- tion, or deprecation (PJal. 35, 19.) Let not them that are mine Enemies wrongfully rejoyce over me, neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a calife; it may feem tobe a Grange piece ofprayer ; why would not David have his enemy wink ? What was that to him ? The meaning is this, let not mine Enemies have any occation to (corn and deride me, to boafl and inult over me. There are two lins which are very vifible in the eye : The firtt is wantonne s (IJa. 3. 16.) Becaufe the Daughters of Sion are haughty, and walk with Jtretched forth necks, andrvanton eyes; the Hebrew is, Deceiving with their eye; and the Apotile Peter in his fecond Epiftle, Chap. 2. 14 gives this character of Come, They have eyes full of adultery, you may perceive the fil- thincfs and uncirannelsof their hearts ftaringout of their eyes. The fccond fin which is fo vifible in the eye, is Pride; Solo- mon fpeaks of a proud look (Prov. 6.17.) Six things the Lord hateth ; yea, fevenare an abomination to him : And the firft of the feven is, Aproud look; the Hebrew is Haughty eyes : Pride and haughtinefs are feated, yea, confpicuoufly enthroned ins the eye. Fourthly, There words, Why wink;i thou with thine eye RAfinutaraui arc expounded as a reproof of hypocrite and feeming holi- quondam inno- nefs : as if Eliphaz had faid, Thou lookeit very demurely, centice figni,`' ZIP and innocently, as if (according to our old Proverb) Butter cattonem ''would not melt in thy :nouth,or as if thou wert (peaking familiar Ianttrtatit jpe- í ro God. For as liftingup the eyes or looking to Heaven ct ;nen,quod P Y g hypocrtn re- is a gesture of holy worthip. (John 17. r.) Then Jefus lift lip d,tet refera: his eyes to heaven : Soalto is winking with the eyes. It is very poteh, ufual with many to (hut or wink with their eyes in prayer, that fo their prayers may be more compofed, and freer from diftranion, 'Tis not unlikely that Eliphaz, obferved Job wink- ing with his eyes, as if he had let himfelf to leek God : this provoked him, ,What ? fuch a one as thou a hypocrite , a wicked man, what thou go to God ? Wilt thou wink with thy eyes, as if thou wert wraps up in fome Divine medita- tion : whereas we have ground rather to conclude that thou art deviling rnifchief: There are two Texts in the Proverbs, which give Come light to this Interpretation, Prov. 6. t 3. IIc winketh with bis eye, he ípeaketh with his feet, teaebetb with'his finger: