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Chap.l5. An Expofiti'on.opus.'tige°Saikof j 0,13; Verf 13. 49 and is rather a paraphrafe than a,Tranílation, yet it reacheth oculrctincsto this fenfe fully, Wherefore dash thy heart carry thee away, and deflere folenr why lifteff thole up thine,eyer, °ac if thou wert td inlingof, fume rogitabundi great matter ? Oras if the affairs of Kingdoms and States dc- qurbu.+grov pended upon thy care, or were committed to thy tx;ufi,:; tneilfolicitvdo All thefe Interpretations are ferviceableto the Text before SanEl us; and though we cannot potitively .arid particularly re. folve which of themwas here intended by Elipbgz, yet conG- dering that his fcope was to reproveJob, iwe may take in the fenfe of them'all, andconclude, that heçenfured Job in this one word of all.thofe mifcarriages ot the heart, which may be fignified at the eye ; as appears by the inference which he makes in the next Verfe : For having laid, What Both tba eye wintkat ? he prefently . fubjoyns Verf. 13, That thou turneff thy 'First againg God, etud let- teff fuck words go; out of t,hy txtoeith ? So that thisVcrfe is an Explication oldie former, andgive§rttcattona us more clearly what Eliphaz meant by the ,carrying away conrinet pr- of the heart, and the wink,rng ofthe eye : His heart is carried out cedentis veer, of all bounds,who turneth búfpirit againft God 'His eye winks finfully,whofe mouth prefently upon it fpeaks.unduely. Thou winkefi with theeye, thou art every thoughtful, and what the fruit or birth of thy thoughts is, we may defcern by thy fpeech, while thou letteff fuck words go out of thy month. Thou turnefi thy fpirit againft God: As if he had laid, Inflead of humbling, -thy fell under the punifhment of thy -fin, thou with an incenfed mind conteftéft againft God himfelf and though while he faith againg God, he dothnot mean God directly, but God in his judgements and.couufels in his Word, or in his works; yet this isä`;yery high charge, one of the higheft that is in the whole;;Book, but very unjufi. Indeed Jobufed fome.paffionate fpeeche to his Friends, and .thefe Eliphaz judgeth to proceed from an oppofition agaiutl God. 7'hou su41ef the fpiret againft God. Thar isa twofb d;;turning the fpirit againft God: 1irff,..Natural,- totp, 8.'7. 'Enmity is the turning of the H fpirits