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50 Chap.15. Art Expefttion upon the Book of JOB: Verf.s3. fpirit. The wifdom or haft of the flefh is enmity againLl God. Secondly, Improved when we heighten this oppofition in our praetice, and are enemies to God in our minds, or Gods, hearty enemies by wicked works, Col. r. 21. uad redrrife- The Hebrew is,Thou ma%eff thyfpirit to return to God, which rerH,ad Deum is expeuaded two ways ; fir(i, thou makett thy fpirit to turn fpirirum t,,,. upon, or againft God : Secondly, thy fpirit anfwers or re Hsb. plieth upon God : Both meet;; inone meaning ; for though refpondit there may be a turningaway of the fpirit without anfwering, ad Dcumfpiri. yet (in one fenfe) all anfwers are the turnip of our.( fpirit "'Mire facia If an man ask a`qcllion the anfwer is the return of his edir erís y q verdure qui re mind who makes the anfwer : fo tome render, Wby cloth thy +pander. ore(' fpirit return anfwer to God ; as if he rebuked him fox his bold nefs in replying. Thy fpirit returns upon God, if he (peak one word, thou wilt have two in that fenfe the word is ufed; Titus 2.9. where the Apofile giving rules (among other rela- :ions) to fervants, charges them, Servants he obedient to you.' own /I/afters, andpleate there well in all things, not anfrvering again. But, is it a fault for a fervant, when asked a queftion tomake-an- anfwer ? no, it were a fault not to anfwer. The meaning is -., that a fervant being reproved for a fault mull nor anfwer -, that is, his fpirit mutt not rife, and return againfi his Matter ; or if a fervant be directed to do` any warrantable work, he mutt not anfwer again that is, he mutt not con- tradít or murmur at the orders which he hath received, but addrefs hirrfelf to the fulfilling of them; this'is the anfwer- ing again, reprovedas a fault in fervants, which is rather gain- fayingthan anfmeting, as we put in the Margent of our Bi- bles :in which fenfe, anfwering is taken here according to this interpretation; Thy fpirit anfwers God, or turns againft him. we may clear it alto by that of the Apoftle (Kom.9. ao.) where - having fhewed the abfolute Soveraigntÿ of God in his Decrees and purpofes, by the example of Jacob andElau, as alto by that ofPharaoh :He concludes, Fier f., 8. Therefore bath be mercy on whotn.he will have mercy, and wheat he will he hard- netb : Sr Paul forefaw that this Doairine would raife a great deal of duff, and caute many to turn their 'fpiritsa- gainft Gad ; which he thus reprefents (Vert 19.) 7hoìt wilt . lay rento met Why Both he yetfindfault ? for.wbo :hat!refiffedbis,, aia.P