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Chap, 15. An Expefstion upon the Book of J O B. Verf.13; ,,.5$ God, and do you charge us that we have turned our fpirit againil God ? too many frach God will fay, in as much as ye oppofed my word, and murmured :againft my works, in as touch as ye were angry with nay difpenfations, and difcon- tented with what 1 have done you have turned your fpirit againil me. We may become guilty of this fin Mt before we think of it for as there is a direct and litteral contending with God, fo an e.quivoient, or conftrue,uive contending with him. As (Cane men commit plain open Treafon against a State, but others commit onely conJlruElive Trelfon : 'Tis fo here,the God of Heaven knows when Cp irits turn againíl him directly, and when by confcquence, and he will take vengeance not onely of direct and avowed, but alto of confequential and conílructive Treafon againí his Soveraignty, unlefs the of. fender repent and be humbled before him. He will`judge-thou- fands at the laft day,, for oppofing him, who, it may be, in Come things have pleaded for him ; yea, who have in Come things not onely acted, but fuffered for him ; though ufually when the fpirit of any man turneth againíl God, that malts works and words turn againft him too : So Elophaz further taxed' jab in the latter claufe.of the Verfe, And lettefl filch words go out of :Ty mouth ? As if he had faid,Such fluffas thou .haft in the heart,eve4filch fares out of thy mouths the word Such is added by moli Tran- ilätórs', the Hebrew is, And letteft words go out of thy mouth it is no fault tolet words go out of thy mouth : 'tis no Liu to fpeak, but to fpeak fuch or fuch words, maybe very ful- fill ; and therefore we, and others, for Explication fake, make this Supplement, Such words ; But what words were they ? E- aani inc vet li h rz doth not quote any pa (ages in his fpeech, but leaves liebriimpamu" them as we and others tranflate, under term of general di- tia 1aó, a.,tem Itaite,Such tvordr;as if they were not worth thenatning,or as if fodicer, alit no epithite could be found worthiefs enough -to name them forma Choldoi by. For as when Ezra would defcribe a deliverance .. in the re- CO. etin gir e- ality of it beyond words, he Both not tell us-what it was, but Leel,0 faith onely,Seeing our Godbathgiven ur fitcb deliverance as thin, Logos, nuga (Ezra 9 13.) So when Eliphaz would defcribe words in the v:róo? Coc> vanityor finfulnefs ofthem belowwords, he doth not tell'us what they were, but faith onely, Such words OS thefe : yet po(fbl.y