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0a111 ;r!;I;l 5 Chap. t 5. An Expofition upon the Book of J O,B Verf Euroremcru pride, but of the maddefi madnefs, to turn the fpirit againl°t PO ante Uo- God > fo theSeptuagint gives it, Thou halfcaufed thyfury or thy manum. Sept, madrtefr-tobreakforth before God::He that actsagainff God is a-madman indeed, Willyeprovoke the Lord;are you granger than he? is the Apoilles chiding quellton to fuch mad men :,are you fo mad after your lulls, bath fin made you fo foolish, Have . you lofl both GraceandReafon at once? that you dare thus pro voke théLord, and challenge the Almighty ? God refigeth the proud, and the proud affault hire : Grace "turns the fpirit to nod, repentance is the return of our spirits to God; then what is the turning of our spirits against God, but a clear dcmonlration of a totally, impenitent and , graceless fpir rita, Again,whenEliphaz faith,-Job turnedhisfpirit againft God, he-dóth-t t mean it of a dire &or profeffed oppofition againft Goef,r-' if 3òb. had 0e-illy- defied him,. ,and.blafphemed his Name ,''but his meaning is, that Job (hewing fo much impa- tience and unfatisfiednefs of fpirit, under the dealings of God with him, did not- fubmit to God as heought. Eliphaz (I conceive) did'not fo much as fufpe&:that Job turned his fpirit=immediately,or as we fay, point blanA,againit God him fell, but onely againfl his .difpenfations. , Hence obfe oe That while.we(peak, or our hearts rife up againli the dealings of God with our (elves or ethers, we may be Paid to turn ourfpi- rits ágainfl God bimfelf : Manywho think they have not neg. ¡caed Chrift,will be found to have neglected him,becauCe they have neglec,}ed thofe by whom, or that wherein Chrift is of- fered;The Evangelill brings in_Chrili (peaking thus (Mat.25.) Iwas hungr+y andyefedme not, thinly andyegave me nodrink; they to whomhe {-peaks wonder at this, Lord (fay they) when (amwe thee hungryandgave thee ata meat, or thir/fy andgave tbee no drink, furely we havenot been guiltyoffuch a wickednefs : Yea, faith Christ, In as much as ye didit not to one of theft, ye did it not tome -when ye refufed to, feed theme, ye refufed to feedme, I was in them, and..thefe were in me, Now in the famemanner many will- fay, whenwe chatge,them with t srningtheirJpiritsagainfGod;withfighting againfl_andoppojng God. Who? weoppofe God? we.never oppofed God as we knowof; yea, peradventure they will fay, we have honored God,