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.Chap.X5. AerExpofition upon the Boo,¿ of ;J pB. .Verf, E4.. 17 JOB. CHAP. 15. Verf 14 15, 16. What is man that hefbould be clear.? and he that it born of a Woman, that hefhouldbe righteous ? Behold he putteth no truff in his Saints ; yea , the Heavens are not clean inbit fight : Howmuch more abominable andfilthy is man, which drinketb i- niquity like water ? I,iphaz bathdone reproving job for his unprofitable words and uncomely carriage , he now lam rem a him of his fippofed error in judgment and unfound opini- on Jobipr. ; namely, That he boatted himfeif free from error in ra- umagumen e, and found at heart-: This he looked upon as the Bul- tum,quoilfe ni- wark in which job defended himfelf, and again({ this he now tebaar, ^verist raifes his battery to beat it down. And this takes up the it- nocentemf Pry cond part of the Chapter, which I called Confutation. jufium diceret, Vert: rbl.. What it man that be fhouldbe clean? afronre As ifhe had faid,Though Ifhouldgrant that thou art not con- dime. in- gun mere. fcious to thyfelf rfany crimeor wickednefs aged, for which thou art thus afliîied, yet this it enough toprove thee a finner,that thou art a man,and that thou art unrighteous,becanfe thou art born of a woman : wha t is man that hefhouldbe clean , and be that is born of a woman that hefhould be righteous ? What is man ? Ele fpeaks contemptuoufly , What is man ? As Hiram Paid of the Cities which Solomon affigned him, What Cities are thefe which thou haftgiven memy brother? And he called them the land of Cabul,that is, difpleafing,_ordirty (I Kings9. 13. ) Thus Elipbaz fpeaks of man, as ifhe were difpleafed with the fight of him , or retriembred onely the duff and clay out of which he was made , What is man (my friend lob) that he fhould be clean ? job had fpoken the fame language before ( Chapter 7. 17. ) What is man that thou art thus mindful of bitvt,&c.Tle álfo em- pties man ofall worth, which fhould attract the leaft refped from God upon him e What is man ? puts a fivefold flight upon man.